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A Detailed History of the 380th Bombardment Group (H)
in World War II


(Listed chronologically by date received -- most recent at bottom of page)

9/10/99; 10/17/01: from John G. Koller (531st), Acft Cmdr:

Cpl Carl J. Matthew (16188022), Gunner, was mistakenly put on Christensen's Crew (531st). He should be on Koller's Crew (531st).


Corrections from Attendees at the 380th Bomb Group Reunion, September 22-26, 1999, Tucson, Arizona:


Meredith, Jim T. (O-563822), Group HQ, Ground Staff: His rank upon entering the 380th should be Capt

Loy, Edward C. (O-569163), 528th, Ground Staff: His rank upon departing the 380th should be Capt

Porter, John M. (O-795631), 528th, Acft Cmdr: He did not fly on Beller's Crew (6), nor on BLACK MAGIC; his date of initial deployment should be May 1943, not Apr 1943

Root, Lee A. (T-359), 528th, Pilot: He did not fly on Baker's Overseas Crew (4)

Shaw, Phillip A., Jr. (O-421705), 528th, Pilot, Acft Cmdr: Instead of Grenfel's Overseas Crew (2), he flew on Baker's Overseas Crew (4); in addition to flying on DAUNTLESS DOTTIE, he also flew on GOLDEN GOOSE


Beiber, Clarence H. (37433517), 529th, Gunner: In addition to Toepperwein's Crew (17), he flew with Jennings's Crew (33), on JEZEBELLE; his departing entry should read: KIA, 8 Mar 44 (with Jennings), T/Sgt

Gigliotti, Anthony E. (12044261), 529th, Gunner: In addition to what's shown, he also served on Toepperwein's Crew (17) and on SNAFU II

Gross, Howard W. (39311686), 529th, Gunner: In addition to serving on Jennings' Crew, he served on Toepperwein's Crew (19), on SNAFU II; his rank at the time of his KIA, 8 Mar 44, was T/Sgt


Bissallon, Russell P. (20109685), 530th, Asst Radio Opr, Gunner: Correct his first name to Russell, not Adrian

Cronic, Henry V., Jr. (14094232), 530th, Flt Eng: Correct his first name to Henry, not Harvey; in addition, he flew on ROUGH KNIGHT

DeLoache, George (O-691483), 530th, Acft Cmdr: Change his middle initial to N from W; correct his ASN number as shown here; also change his plane from DOTTIE'S DOUBLE to ROUGH KNIGHT

Grimm, John J. (36606238), 530th, Radio Opr: In addition to flying on DOTTIE'S DOUBLE, he also flew on SNORKEY; he also flew with Piper's Crew (64)

Gronkowski, Leonard B. (13127421), 530th, Gunner: He did not fly with the Ross/Handorf Crew (57); in addition, his departing data should read: PAR23, SO240, 5AF, 27 Aug 44, S/Sgt

Guerard, Harold G., Jr. (O-669279), 530th, Bombardier: he flew on ROUGH KNIGHT, and his date of entry should be Oct 43, not Jul 44

Reed, Wiley C. (36058410), 530th, Gunner: He was not delayed at Hamilton Field due to Illness


Anderson, Robert J. (O-752170), 531st, Pilot: His departing rank should be Capt

Bryant, Elmer T. (13180680), 531st, Gunner: In addition to Ziegler's Crew (NL), he also flew on Whitlock's Crew (NL)

Butler, Edward E. (13033451), 531st, Gunner: Sternke's Crew number should be 103, not 104

Matthew, Carl J. (16188022), 531st, Gunner: In addition to Christensen's Crew (NL), he also served on Koller's Crew (NL) (also noted above with phone call from Koller)

Ogilvie, Robert R. (39192081), 531st, Radio Opr: His date of departure should be 11 Sep 44

Sears, Francis L. (O-700552), 531st, Acft Cmdr: Instead of PATTY'S PIG, he flew on SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS

Stephenson, Gail F. (O-785433), 531st, Bombardier: Change his ASN number (correct number is shown here)

Thomas, William L. (T-134, O-888700), 531st, Acft Cmdr: Change his ASN number (correct number is shown here)



In addition to those noted above for Volume I:


Group HQ - List of Commanders: Add ROUGH KNIGHT to Forrest Brissey's listing


528th - Baker's Overseas Crew (4): Substitute Phillip A. Shaw, Jr. (with noted changes), for Lee A. Root

528th - Beller (6): Remove John M. Porter from this crew list; change Lee Root's entry from Baker's Overseas Crew to Beller's Overseas Crew (as Pilot)

528th - Sowa's Overseas Crew (9): For Hillard, John M. (Passenger), change his plane listing from DAUNTLESS DOTTIE to LITTLE EVA


529th - Jennings (33): For Bieber, Gigliotti, and Gross, add Toepperwein (17) to their listings

529th - Toepperwein (17): Add Bieber, Gigliotti, and Gross from Jennings (33)


530th - List of Commanders: Add ROUGH KNIGHT to George DeLoache's listing

530th - DeLoache/English (64, 76): Add ROUGH KNIGHT to all of DeLoache's crew (make change also in Volume 1)

530th - DeLoache/English (64, 76): Change Langdon's crew number from 62 to 64 (also change in Volume 1)

530th - Piper (64): Add Leonard B. Gronkowski (13127421), Gunner, to this crew (he was listed under Ross/Handorf (57))

530th - Ross/Handorf (57): Remove Leonard Gronkowski from this crew (move him to Piper (64))


531st - Koller (NL): Add Carl J. Matthew, Gunner, here (also listed in Christensen Crew (NL))

531st - Sears/Eden (85, 99): Change all crew listings from PATTY'S PIG to SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS (also change in Volume 1)

531st - Whitlock (NL): Add Elmer T. Bryant, Gunner, to this crew (also in Ziegler Crew (NL))



9/28/99, from Earl A. Robertson (530th) [Navigator (T-124524, O-1686469), Hamrick's Crew, flew 42 missions, June 44- June 45]:

Eugene A. Johnson (T-2781 ), Hamrick's Crew, was the Co-Pilot, not the Navigator; in addition, he transferred to Manila, Nov.-Dec. 1944. Current address for Johnson: 11433 Inverness Way, Auburn, CA 95602

Raymond L. Tucker (32167086), Flt Eng, Hamrick's Crew, was only on McDaniel's Crew as a pickup crew from Darwin to Brisbane; his departing entry should read: KFA (with McDaniels), 26 Feb 45


10/1/99, from Leon Ladman (529th), Gunner: His ASN should be: 32718153


10/15/99, from Gerald Stallings (530th):

Stallings left as F/O, not 2/Lt

Robert L. Grundler left as F/O not 2/Lt


10/15/99, from Warren E. Greeley (529th): Intelligence, Intelligence NCO (631) not Supply, Quartermaster Supply Technician (821); also RHEW RU, Sgt


10/15/99, from Robert A. Garn (Group): Left as Maj, not Lt Col


12/13/99, from Joseph W. Dally (528th):

  1. Dally, Joseph W., O-800483: Correct arrival date to | /, Sep 43, 2/Lt | and departure date to | PAR1, FEXO210.31, USAFE, 17 Aug 44, 1/Lt | in 528 Roster and DALLY (9) Flight Crew in 528 Flight Crew Roster.
  2. Sims, Kenneth M., Jr., 34354277: Change crew assignments to: | Dally's Crew (9), Fleming's Crew (17), DALLY'S DILLY, BEAUTIFUL BEAST | for 528 Crew Lists for DALLY (9) and FLEMING (17) and in 528 Roster and 529 Roster.
  3. Watson, John C., 32299249: Reverse order of crew listings cited to Dally's Crew, Shaw's Crew, for 528 Crew List, DALLY (9) and SHAW (9), also 528 Roster and 529 Roster.
  4. Kapuscinski, Chester A., 32491459: Correct Dally Crew number to (9) in 528 Roster. List him in Dally Crew in Crew Roster List.
  5. Bush, John L., 6898000: Correct Dally Crew number to (9) instead of (13) in both 528 Crew List for DALLY (9) and in 528 Roster.
  6. Monson, Alfred L., O-741744: Correct Dally Crew number to (9) instead of (13) in both 528 Crew List for DALLY (9) and in 528 Roster.
  7. Roper, Ernest D.: Add Dally's Crew (9) to 528 Roster and Fleming Crew Listing in 528 Crew Roster listing. Change Fleming's Crew number to 17.
    Add same corrected listings to DALLY (9) crew in 528 Crew Roster.


1/14/00, from Joseph Dally (528th):
Joe has called our attention to the fact that the masthead of the Flying Circus book (1946) carries the names of those developing it as follows:

Jim Fain, Editor in Chief
Howard Bergman, Managing Editor
Grant Cannon, Editor
Julian Kiser, Editor
Tom Howard, Associate
Dick Gruendyke, Associate


1/16/00, from James Duff (528th): Also flew FLAK FLED FLAPPER


1/28/00, from the Editors: In the Appendix to Part I, the duty code 174 - Radio Repairman, should be under Communications, Maintenance, instead of under Transportation, Maintenance; we apologize for this clerical error


2/11/00, from Graeme Thomas, son of Edward G. McDonald (528th):

Shaffer's crew to be modified to read Donald (NMI) MacDonald just as his entry appears on Raggio's crew. Modify McDonald's entry in the Roster to: McDonald, Edward G., 37184712, Ground Staff, Engineering, Maintenance, Aircraft and Engine Mechanic (747) / BATTLE WEARY | Initial Deployment, May 43, Cpl | PR Sep 45, RM, Sgt

4/7/00, from W.O. (Bill) Rupert (529th):

He was not part of Ivey's crew (Crew 40). He flew as co-pilot to Ted White (Crew 20) who had just been given his plane after flying as co-pilot to Jack Kelly (Crew 11). Rupert flew 18 missions in this plane, the JE REVIENS, between September 1943 and January 1944, when he left to join the 3rd Attack Group to finish his tour.

June 2000, from Theodore J. Williams (531st):

529th: Craddock's overseas crew (11) airplane should be PEGGY, 42-40502. POOCHIE is listed with Ware in Group.

July 10, 2000, from Tom Isaack (528th):

Regarding Tom Stovell's crew in the 528th:
  1. Tom Isaack's serial number was O-669729 and not O-689729.
  2. Tom Isaack checked out as Aircraft Commander towards the end of his time and flew a bit as that. Last mission wiped out 3 Fox Tares off an island before they completed hiding them.
  3. Richard Smith and Tom Isaack were on the original Stovell crew and joined the 528th on 28 Jan 44, the same as the other members, and not in June 1944.

August 16, 2000, from Kenneth D. Virden (529th, Guy's Crew):

His serial number should be 16018817, not 16018815.

August 2000, RAAF corrections Ted Williams learned of during his visit to Australia for the B-24 Rollout :

  1. 528th Squadron (changes on both roster and crew listings): Barry-Brown: add first name Fred (Dunne's Crew (21))
    Buchanan: add first name Robert (Bob) (Dunne's Crew (21))
    Dunne: change name to Dunne, R. A. (Arch) (Dunne's Crew (21))
    Hensel: add first name Rhoades (Dusty) (Dunne's Crew (21))
    Yoemans: change name to Yeomans, A. Montague (Mont)

  2. 530th Squadron (changes on both roster and crew listings): Campbell, Colin A.: change S/Sgt to Sgt (both places) (Lister's Crew (71A))
    Rogers, R. L.: change name to Rogers, Russell L.; change serial number to 58413 (Lister's Crew (71A)); and add to Lister's Crew in the 530th Crews

  3. 531st Squadron (changes on both roster and crew listings): Couldrey, A. E.: change F/Sgt to W/O (both places) (Swain's Crew (89))

February 9, 2001, from Jeff Jennings, by email:
On Merkel/Hastings Crew (1), change KIA date to 7 Jan 44 for the Navigator, Fredrick J. Estes, Jr., and the Bombardier, Raymond E. Gilmore (Gilmore is listed twice, on both Merkel and Hastings crews) March 6, 2001, from Justin J. Greagoff, by email: He was co-pilot on Smith's crew (530th); Damian J. Vraniak was Navigator, and Andrew Cenceros was gunner.
April 21, 2001, from John F. Greuel (son), by email:
Change spelling for Ervin I. Greuel (not Grevel); pilot, 528th.
May 7, 2001, from Ted Williams:
Received information from Bob Thomson, Liberator Historian, in Queensland, Australia, providing findings regarding Straus (RAAF) (89) Flight Crew (531st Squadron):

Captain: S/L, N.I. Straus (250759), KIA 23 Mar 45
Second Pilot: F/S, H.J. Boyd (427775), MIA 23 Mar 45
Navigator: F/O, R.A. Whiting (426733), MIA 23 Mar 45
Bombardier: F/L, C.D. Parry-Okeden (404485), KIA 23 Mar 45
W.O. Air 1st: F/O, J.W. Hursthouse (416215), MIA 23 Mar 45
W.O. Air 2nd: W/O, W.R. Flanagan (401748), MIA 23 Mar 45
Air Gunner: W/O, H.G. Parker (408951), MIA 23 Mar 45
Air Gunner: F/S, J.R. Ryan (422716), MIA 23 Mar 45
Air Gunner: F/S, A.J. Rodgers (436889), KIA 23 Mar 45
Air Gunner: Sgt, A.D. Whitehead (121592), MIA 23 Mar 45
Flight Engineer: F/S, R.M. Morris (46563), MIA 23 Mar 45
Passenger: Cpl, D.W. Madden (36484), MIA 23 Mar 45

April-May, 2001, from Ted Williams:
In compiling the aircraft history, the following names have been identified as missing from our Rosters:

R. (or K.) P. Tenz, F/O, Co-pilot, M#221, Mission 116-E2, April 26, 1945, Saigon Docks, The Philippines, THE MISS HAP

J.B. Hunter, Lt, Navigator, 530th Squadron (Bever's Crew), M#135-EZ, May 15, 1945, The Philippines

July 2, 2001, from John Rader: Bombardier's name on Bisson's Crew (27) (528th) was Fred J. Hemmert, Jr. (not Memmert).

July 5, 2001, from Beverly (Andrisek) Thornton, by email: Change middle initial to F. for Ewald Andrisek (38461366), 528th Squadron.

July 24, 2001, from Nick Chrisanthon, Bombardier, Cooper's Crew, 530th Squadron, by email: Change ASN to O-2072234.

July 25, 2001, from Kevin J. Guinane, by email: Correcting his father's last name; should be Guinane (Joseph W. Guinane, Gunner, Grindle's Crew, 528th).

December 24, 2001, from Mike Kendra, by email: Correcting his father's middle initial; should be Joseph P. (Peter) Kendra (Ground Staff, 530th).

February 2002, from Ted Williams (Editor): The following Overseas Crews have incorrect crew numbers:
529th -- John Thompson (15) should be (17)
531st -- Robert Paul (50) should be (29)
531st -- William Thomas (34) should be (35)

March 27, 2002, from Ted Williams (Editor): Pursuant to a question from Todd Stiles (son of Harold Stiles, Navigator, Roberts Crew (41), 530th), the 380th had no aircraft named HELL'S ANGELS (plural). The favorite aircraft for the Roberts crew should be HELL'S BELLE instead of HELL'S ANGELS.

March 29, 2002, from Julie Withorn, by email: Father, 2/Lt. Robert E. Withorn, O-782998, Bombardier, McKay's Crew, was listed twice, once correctly as shown above, and the second incorrectly as Robert E. Whithorn, O-732998, Special Services. She tells us he was involved in special services such as setting up and organizing the baseball program, as well as other sports activities.

April 28, 2002, from Bill Ravey, by email: Robert Ravey, 529th Squadron, Kershner's Crew (12), change middle initial from E. to L. (Lee).

October 30, 2002, from David J. Putney, by email: His serial number listed incorrectly; changed to O-673627.

November 14, 2002, from Carl Spencer Jr., by telephone: Change his father's first name from Charles to Carless: should be Carless R. Spencer (S/N 32952318, 530th, radio operator, Riehle and Little Crews).

January 10, 2003, from Tom DiMauro, by email: Change the aircraft for Vincent Morabito's 529th Crew from BIG ASS BIRD to FIRST NIGHTER.

January 28, 2003, from Keith Mullette, by email: Change his father's name from Edward A. Mullott to Edward A. Mullett -- 530th Squadron, Lister's Crew (71A)

October 4, 2003, from Peter Money, by email: Change him and Ted Batstone from the 530th Squadron to the 528th Squadron

November 13, 2003, from Craig Bellamy, by email:  RAAF crew corrections -- click here to see his changes.

December 8, 2003, from Richard Heyden, by email: Changed the spelling on his father's name from Donald L. Hayden to Donald L. Heyden (O-786933) -- 530th, Dallas Crew

December 18, 2003, from Ed Painter, by email: Change his father's serial number from 7025351 to 7025851 -- 528th, Ground Crew, Ordnance

April 10, 2004, from Joe Dally, by email: Changed crew designation for Ernest Roper (528th); he was only on Dally's Crew (9), not on Fleming's Crew.

December 4, 2004, from William J. Weeks, by email: His father, Wiliam Leslie Arnold Weeks (RAAF), served with the 531st. His name was incorrectly listed as "Meeks."

September 10, 2005, from Ian L. Natkin, by email: Corrected last name spelling for Peter N. Houhoulis (529th); it had been listed as Houholis.

September 19, 2005, from Mick Maguire, by email: Corrected spelling of his grandfather's name: George ("Paddy") Henry Maguire (530th), McPherson's Crew; it had been listed as McGuire, P. (NMI).

October 25, 2005, from George R. Grover:  Corrected first name of his mechanic: should be Emile V. Gaudet, not Eward V. Gaudet.  Also gave a correction on the Synar Crew caption for FLAK FLED FLAPPER (Part V Aircraft) and a short description of the source of the picture for "The Flapper."  These corrections are on shown on the FLAK FLED FLAPPER webpage.

November 7, 2005, from Nancy De'Aeth (daughter), by email: Corrected aircraft from DUCHESS OF PADUCAH to ATOM SMASHER for Aircraft Commander Frank W. (F.W.) Jarek, 530th Squadron.

November 10, 2005, from Peter LaLena at the 380th Reunion in San Diego:  For Swanson's Crew in the 529th, the following are the correct name spellings for these officers:  Navigator:  Nathan Nemirow (not Nemiron), Flight Engineer:  Peter LaLena (not Lalena), Flight Engineer:  Philip Rindone (not Rindono).

January 26, 2006, from Terry D. Hess (son), by email:  Arthur D. Hess, Jr., 530th Squadron, was an aerial photographer prior to his ground service as a mess cook.

January 30, 2006, from Emma Morales (daughter), by email:  Her father, Victor C. Morales reported that the Grover Crew's (79) favorite plane was TODDY (not MALE CALL).  Also corrected her father's middle initial from G. to C.

March 24, 2006, from Ted Williams:  Jack (NMI) Williamson, 528th, 33286545, Radio Operator, Parker's Crew (2), was found to be KIA 19 Jul 1944 (with Tosch) - previously shown on rosters that he was PR Sept 44, RM

April 17, 2006, from Chris MacDonald (son), by email:  His father is Donald ("Red:) MacDonald (528th).  Based on documents forwarded to us from Chris, we changed his father's Crew designation from Raggio's Crew (7) to Shaffer's Crew (12) on both Parts I (Roster) and II (Crews).  Edward G. McDonald, 37184712, had been incorrectly identified as the Gunner on Shaffer's Crew (12), and his Roster entry had already been changed based on a previous errata entry dated 2/11/00 from Graeme Thomas (son), which read as follows:

2/11/00, from Graeme Thomas, son of Edward G. McDonald (528th): Shaffer's crew to be modified to read Donald (NMI) MacDonald just as his entry appears on Raggio's crew. Modify McDonald's entry in the Roster to: McDonald, Edward G., 37184712, Ground Staff, Engineering, Maintenance, Aircraft and Engine Mechanic (747) / BATTLE WEARY | Initial Deployment, May 43, Cpl | PR Sep 45, RM, Sgt

April 19, 2006, from Mike Krekling (son), by email:  His father is George E. Krekling; corrected spelling of last name (from Kreckling to Krekling, there's no "c").  George was in the 531st Squadron, Ground Staff, Engineering, Line Chief, Technical Inspector.

July 18, 2006, from Dennis Carnell (son), by email:  "My father Flying Officer (later Flight Lieutenant) Ron Carnell flew with the 380th in one of the RAAF crews (Arnie Rayment's crew) from April to July 1944. Please note you have misspelled his name as Carnall.  According to dad's log book he joined the 380th in April 1944, flying his first mission, a strike on Manokwari Airstrip (Dutch New Guinea), on 21 May 1944 (11.25 hours) and his last with the 380th on 1 July 1944, a strike on Namlea Airstrip (Boeroe Island) (10.25 hours). On his final mission with the 380th they were shot up by fighters and landed at Darwin.  Dad transferred to 24 Squadron RAAF in July 1944 and finished the war with 24 squadron flying a total of 32 combat missions."

July 18, 2006, from Patricia Hicks (daughter), by email:   Father is Robert T. Hicks, 530th; found copy of his discharge papers, and gave us the following info:  ASN was 33 080 681, deployed 7-26-1943, rank was Sergeant, Date & Title of order when leaving group: Convenience of Gov AR 615-365 15 Dec 44 & RR1-1 & Demobilization as amended by TWX TAG,  4 Sept. 45, rank of Sergeant.

September 6, 2006, from George J. Previs, by email:    I am incorrectly listed as the radio operator in the 529th squadron.  My specialty was armorer gunner and my rank was staff sergeant -- promoted while involved in the occupation of Japan.  Corrected 9/7/06.

September 25, 2006:  In going over old newsletter issues of the B-24 LIBERATOR SQUADRONS OF AUSTRALIA, Barb Gotham found the following corrections to WE WENT TO WAR, Parts I, II, and III

528th, Rhodes Edgar (Dusty) Hensel (middle name addition), also added his ID number of 407204
528th, John Bernard Mackay (last name correction)

529th, F. Hamlyn (Ham) Treweeke (middle name addition)

530th, Selwyn James Baker (first name correction)
530th, Colin R. Flood (middle initial correction)
530th, Rex Sullivan (added first name, previously unknown)

531st, Donald Fraser Smith (middle name correction)

We also added several names to the TAPS listings based on information found in  these newsletters.



380th Assignment

Place of Death

Date of Death

Ashcroft, Gordon


Flt Engr, Hawkesford (19)

Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia


Baker, Selwyn James ("Sel")


Bombardier, Cupper (70A)

Melbourne Australia


Cupper, Ray


A/C Cmdr, Cupper (70A)

Robinvale, Victoria, Australia


Demmery, John G. ("Jack")


Radio Opr, Cupper (70A)

Orange, Australia


Evans, Arthur


Ground Staff, Crew Chief (one of the first, if not the first Australian with the 380th)

North Shore, Australia


Flood, Colin R.


Gunner, Hirst (72)

Kelmscott, WA, Australia


Gillespie, Adam Forsyth


A/C Cmdr, Gillespie (94)

Pymble, NSW, Australia


Grimm, Lindsay C.


Flt Engr, Eriksen (77)



Hensel, Rhodes Edgar ("Dusty")


Gunner, Dunne (21)

Broadview, South Australia

Early 2003

Kearney, Frank


Tail Gunner, Finlayson (82)

Toowoomba, Australia


Kingwell, Deryck William


A/C Cmdr, Kingwell (42)

Brisbane, Australia


Mackay, John Bernard ("Jack")


Gunnery Leader, Bell (19)

Brighton-le-Sands, Australia


Mathias, Francis Jeffrey Douglas ("Frank")


Flt Engr, Halliday (88)

Chatswood, Australia


Moore, Eldin


A/C Cmdr, Moore (91)

East S. Kilda,  Australia


Portway, Colin


A/C Cmdr, Portway (46)


Early 1998

Price, William George


Radio Opr, Miller (20)

Queensland, Australia

Early 2000

Pusey, Richard G.


Flt Eng, Carrigan (67)



Roots, George C.


Ball Turret Gunner, Miller (20)

Ballina, NSW, Australia


Smith, Donald Fraser


Wireless Air Gunner, Moore (91)

Young, Australia


Southgate, Edward S.


Radio Opr, MacKeller (43)

West Pennant Hills, Australia


Sullivan, Rex


Gunner, Blunck (71A) Somerset Park, SA, Australia 09/10/2000

Titmarsh, Donald Alexander


Pilot, Gairn (22)

Queensland, Australia


Treweeke, F. Hamlyn ("Ham")


Bombardier, Hockings (42)

Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia


Wilkshire, John


Asst Flt Engr/Gunner, Gray (19)

Port Lincoln, South Australia


Atkinson, Helen


Wife of Ted Atkinson Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia 03/03/2000
Dakeyne, Val


Wife of Dick Dakeyne Emerald Beach, NSW, Australia 08/12/2005

November 29, 2006, from Gregory J. Maier, by email:   Correcting the photo caption for the Morabito Crew on FIRST NIGHTER.  One of the gunners had been identified as "Jones" - this has been corrected to Bob Cassin.

December 21, 2006, from Jim Cernick, by email:   Correcting the last name of the gunner on the Hartley Crew (6), 528th Squadron; should be Henricksen, William J. (Jack), not Hendricksen.

February 7, 2007, from Robert C. Kiggins, by email:  Correcting the TAPS information for his father, Leslie C. Kiggins.

February 13, 2007, from William Stevenson, by email:  Correcting the TAPS information for his father, Walter Stevenson.


Thanks to everyone who has reported corrections to our Rosters!

If you have a change to report, please send email to Barbara Gotham at
380th.ww2@gmail.com or use our Comment Form.

Note: An attempt is being made to update all the PDF files as well as the webpage files that are affected by this list.  If you find an error, please use the Comment Form to submit the correction.

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