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5AFFifth Air Force
ABCAir Base Command
ACFHAir Crew Fly Home (return of combat crew and their aircraft to the U.S. after close of hostilities)
Acft CmdrAircraft Commander
AFAir Force (e.g., 5AF = Fifth Air Force)
AFMSCLoss Reason Obtained from Headquarters USAAF
ARCAircraft Record Card, a chronological history of each aircraft maintained by the USAAF, also called IARC for Individual Aircraft Record Card
BGBombardment (Bomb) Group
BSBombardment (Bomb) Squadron
CACAbbreviation for the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation
CFSymbol used for Consolidated Aircraft Corporation factory in Fort Worth, Texas
CNSThe radio net connecting the many far-flung units in the SW Pacific area
COSymbol used for Consolidated Aircraft Corporation factory in San Diego, California
DARDarwin Air Base, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, base of the 380th Bomb Group during the period August 1944 to March 1945; also used as part of the designation of missions flown by the 380th during this period
Dpty Deputy
FEAFFar East Air Forces
FENFenton Field, Northern Territory, Australia, base of the 380th Bomb Group from May 1943 to August 1944; also used a part of the designation of missions flown by the 380th during this period
Flt EngFlight Engineer
FMDate of First Mission with 380th (Month and Year only) to establish period of service; for Australian crews only
FOSymbol used for the Ford Motor Company aircraft plant at Willow Run, Michigan
GAGround Accident
GOGeneral Orders, used to announce officer promotions and award of decorations
Gp CmdrGroup Commander
HADAbbreviation for the Hawaiian Air Depot, used to designate the Type 2 nose modification of the B-24D
IARCIndividual Aircraft Record Card, same as ARC
IFFIdentification-Friend or Foe (a radio set that responds to a radar challenge with a code response to identify friendly aircraft)
Initial DeploymentFirst transfer of 380th personnel by aircraft or ship from the U.S. to the South West Pacific War Theatre or both
KFADeath due to aircraft accident, includes those occurring on a combat mission but where enemy action not involved (killed in flying accident)
KGADeath due to a ground accident (killed in ground accident)
KIADeath due to event caused by known or supposed enemy action (killed in action)
LEFTCode for Assignment of Aircraft to the 5th Air Force
LMProbable Date of Last Mission (Month and Year Only); for Australian Crews only
LORANLOng Range Air Navigation (a multi-station radio network for aircraft navigation)
MechMechanical, Mechanic
MIAMissing in Action, cause unknown
MOSMilitary Occupational Specialty
NCONon-commissioned officer
NLNone Listed
ODOlive Drab, the camouflage applied to all early aircraft
OKCAbbreviation for the Oklahoma Air Depot at Tinker Field, Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, used to designate the Type 3 nose modification for the B-24D
Original CadreThe first group of individuals who initially formed the 380th Bomb Group
O-XXXSerial Number of Commissioned Officer, U.S.
PAProbable Arrival Date (Month and Year only) where records missing and supposition possible from other records
PARParagraph, the section of the overall order dealing with the individual in question
POWPrisoner of War
PR (Date), RMProbable Return Date (Month and Year), Records Missing; supposition based on other records
RAAFDesignates a member of the Royal Australian Air Force
Radio OprRadio Operator
RCM OprRadar Countermeasures Operator
RecceReconnaissance Mission
RHEW, RUReturned Home After End of War, Records Unavailable; all archived records available ceased as of 1 October 1945
RMRecords Missing
RURecords Unavailable
SOSpecial Order, the most common type of order
Sqdn CmdrSquadron Commander
SSNService Specialty Number
StatStatistical, Statistician
TCTroop Carrier (e.g., To 375 TC Gp)
TechTechnical, Technician
TRANSTransferred from 380th to Other Units within Theatre; records missing
T-XXXSerial Number for Flight Officer, US
UCIPCode for Delivery to 8th Air Force, (Other Unknown Reason)
USAAFUnited States Army Air Forces
USAFFEUnited States Armed Forces in the Far East
USAFPU.S. Army Forces, Pacific
USASOSUnited States Army Services of Supply
VBC Fifth Bomber Command
VHFVery High Frequency
VOCOVocal Orders of the Commanding Officer
WGAWounded in Ground Accident
W-XXXSerial Number for Warrant Officer, US
XSpecial Mission Crew (usually RCM)

AAccident in Friendly Territory Causing Complete Destruction of Aircraft - Not Combat Mission Related
AMSame as A but Involved in Combat Mission
ASAccident in Friendly Territory Resulting in Salvage of the Aircraft - Not Combat Mission Related
ASMSame as AS but Involved in Combat Mission
CLoss of Aircraft in Enemy Territory Due Directly to Enemy Action
CAAccident and/or Salvage As Result of Enemy Combat Damage (In Friendly Territory)
MALoss While on Mission While in Enemy Territory but Direct Enemy Action Not Involved
NTWhether Nose Turret Installed (Applies Only to Initial Deployment Aircraft) During 1943 and While in 380th Service
OGTransfer of Aircraft to Other Groups
PITransfer to Philippines Islands for Continuation of War Service There
RDestruction As Result of Enemy Air Raid
RAAFTransfer of Aircraft to Royal Australian Air Force
RUSReturned to U.S. at End of War
WWSSalvage of Aircraft as War Weary

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