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22nd Bomb Group

38th Bombardment Group-WWII

380th Air Expeditionary Wing
380th Bombardment Wing/380th Aerospace Wing/380th Refueling Wing
380th Expeditionary Operations Group
392nd Bomb Group

43rd BG,  5th AAF

445th Bomb Group

446th Bomb Group

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A 7-Part History of the Liberator

AAF Heavy Bombers WWII


Air Force Link: Air Force News
Air Force Memorial Foundation
Air Force ROTC

American Heritage - The Air Force's Attic

American History: Pearl Harbor and WWII

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)-My Aerospace

B-24 Best Web

B-24 Liberator Restoration Australia

B-24 Liberator Squadron of Australia

Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO)
Directory of Veterans Service Organizations

eVetRecs: Request Copies of Military Personnel Records

George C. Marshall Foundation
GI Memories

Hal Lake's Tribute to his Father, Don Alden Lake

History Preservation Associates-Eastman Leather Company
Michigan Aerospace Foundation

Museum of Airplanes

Mighty 8th Air Force Museum

National Archives (U.S.)

National Archives of Australia

National Trust of Australia: B-24 Bomber
National Personnel Records Center (U.S.)

National WWII Registry (U.S.)

National Women's History Project

Pacific Ghosts - WWII Aircraft Wrecks

Pacific Wrecks

National WWII Museum-New Orleans

Pima Air and Space Museum

Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum

State/Territory Veterans Affairs Offices

"Story of Willow Run" (documentary produced by Ford Motor Co)

The Collings Foundation

The FB-111A Association

The FB-111A Association: 380th History

The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA)

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


War Letters - Read the Stories of the Soldiers of the First and Second World Wars

WWII Letters-First Person Accounts and Primary Source Documents

WWII Links



Richard "Dick" Ebbeson was an aircraft armorer and the squadron artist for the 528th Bomb Squadron.
Annette "Tony" Robin was formerly a commercial artist in New York City before joining the American Red Cross.


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