380th Bomb Group Association

 NEWSLETTER #10 -- March 2002


As we are sure most of you know, the World War II Memorial on the Mall in Washington, D.C., has now finally been totally approved and is now under construction. We have included in this issue a copy of the print sent to us by Jim Cavallero, son of Masso J. Cavallero, Gunner on Planck's Crew (66) of the 530th Squadron; it well illustrates its potential beauty. Many of us have contributed to its long campaign with endorsements and donations.

Jim has also informed us of another aspect of the World War II Memorial, that of a World War II Memorial Registry project connected with it (see their website at: http://www.wwiiregistry.org/). This allows family, friends, and the veterans themselves to record the veteran's service on the Registry for perpetuity. Jim has already graciously enrolled his father and Ted Williams in this Registry. A copy of Masso J. Cavallero's listing is presented below for your information.

We are also including copies of the subscription forms for the WWII Memorial and the WWII Memorial Registry. Please note that donations to the memorial are encouraged but are not required to enroll on honoree. Please compare Masso Cavallero's honor scroll as entered by Jim to help explain the enrollment form. Please contact Jim if you have further questions. His contact info is as follows:

Jim Cavallero
1843 Carriage Way
Warrington PA 18976-2159
E-mail: jimcav2@comcast.net

Masso Cavallero Registry Entry

Registry Process Form 1
Source: http://www.wwiiregistry.org/dnrprocess/donation.asp

Registry Process Form 2
Source: http://www.wwiiregistry.org/dnrprocess/donation.asp

Registry Process Form 3
Source: http://www.wwiiregistry.org/dnrprocess/donation.asp

There are also many other ways of honoring our veterans. Among these are:


We have received an announcement from a group called VETS ROLL CALL which is assembling a database of all interested veterans. They request us to sign-up and supply enough information so that we can find or communicate with our former service associates. The e-mail address is: vrc@vetsrollcall.com and the website is: www.vetsrollcall.com

This sounds like a very important project and one we should all support. Only by getting a very large support from all veterans can they ever assemble something which will be truly useful to us all in looking up our former comrades with whom we have lost contact over the years.


Again, a most important task is to preserve for our families and all posterity the history of our service in the form of our letters home and our mementoes. This particular group claims to be an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit organization to help us accomplish this important task. We recommend you visit their website at: http://www.warletters.com


We have noted many such groups as the above while "surfing the web." Many are all serving and above board. Others are blatantly commercial and should be avoided. Perhaps this venue, THE FLYING CIRCUS, is where we could exchange our knowledge of these efforts and help everyone get the best of the remembrance services.

To see pictures of the World War II Memorial, please visit the following website:


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