Bomb Group

380th Bomb Group Association

NEWSLETTER #13 - December 2002


We are happy to report that Isabel Williams and Barbara Gotham sold 57 raffle tickets at the Salt Lake City Reunion on the A-2 Jacket so generously donated by Andrew Martinez, son of Conrado Martinez, Gunner on Gus Connery's Crew. Andrew is to decorate the jacket as requested by the winner.

The winning ticket for the raffle was drawn by Tom Hunt at the Reunion Banquet and the winner was:

John W. Carroll
Australian RCM Operator
529th Squadron, 380th Bomb Group

John was overjoyed at winning the jacket and told us he had been envious of us and our leather jackets and had always wanted one for his own! His address is:

Mr. John Carroll
30 Kastelan St.
New South Wales 2148

Andrew has most graciously offered to repeat the A-2 Jacket Raffle next year at Williamsburg. We are most grateful to Andrew for his generosity and interest in promoting our 380th Bomb Group Association.

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