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NEWSLETTER #14 -- March 2003


We received the following email from Don Daniels of The Collings Foundation in Houston, Texas, which we think may be of interest to our members. We have complied with his request and have furnished him with a list of our members from Texas. The Houston show dates are March 31 (3 pm) to April 2, 2003 (1 pm), at Ellington Field. Other tour dates can be found at:

My name is Don Daniels. Theson of one of your B-24 crewmembers referred me to your site.

I am a volunteer for The Collings Foundation in Houston Texas. We fly a restored B-24 Liberator around the United States as part of our annual 'Wings of Freedom' tour to honor the men who flew these aircraft into combat during WW-II.

Our B-24 is painted as 'Dragon and His Tail' and is the only flying true B-24 that I am aware of. You can see a photo on our web site at: http://www.collingsfoundation.org

I am searching for surviving crewmembers of the many B-24s flown during WW-II that live in or around the Houston area. I am hoping to invite them to view the arrival of our B-24 in Houston. I am arranging for media coverage to interview the men so they have an opportunity to tell their experiences.

I would also like to invite your crewmembers wives, children and grandchildren to visit with the veterans.

We are a non-profit group volunteering our time to honor these men as our 'Heroes' and their aircraft as a national and historic treasure. We will also be flying our B-17 Flying Fortress painted as 'Nine-O-Nine' and our B-25J Mitchell 'Tondelayo'.

I would appreciate any assistance you could provide in locating these men. Please feel free to provide a link to our web page for your members to view our B-24 Liberator, 'Dragon and His Tail'.


Don Daniels

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