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380th Bomb Group Association

NEWSLETTER #17 -- December 2003

Compatriots and Friends:

We had a very well attended Reunion at Williamsburg which from all reports was enjoyed by all. Next year's will be in the Boston Area where we will get to see much more of America's history, particularly of the Revolutionary War era.

Jim Wright and Tom Hunt have asked me to prepare a briefing paper on my discovery that the 380th was originally scheduled to go to the 8th Air Force (England and Ploesti) rather than the 5th (Australia and Balikpapan). Only an impassioned plea by General Kenny to General Arnold and President Roosevelt changed our fate. There is not room to do it here because of the Williamsburg pictures. It will appear in our March issue.

Please note the request from the B-24 Memorial Fund for a donation for a model B-24 (like that at the Air Force Academy). I believe we should join this but will wait until you vote on it at the Boston Reunion.

Please also note from the Financial Report that we are very low on funds for publishing THE FLYING CIRCUS. Hence, like the September issue, this one must be all in black and white until our finances improve. As noted there and as I explained in Williamsburg, the Salt Lake City picture issue (last December) was very expensive without our prior knowledge. Thus the current situation.

Have a Jolly and Safe Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

To preserve the memory of the 380th.


Theodore J. (Ted) Williams

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