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NEWSLETTER #18 -- March 2004


Email received from Craig Bellamy, craigb@hn.ozemail.com.au,
14 Nov 2003, to Ted Williams



I haven't heard from you for ages so hope that you're OK.
In my quest to learn more about the RCM people and operations
I visited an ex RAAF (WWII) ground radar man last week who
has written several books on radar in Australia and the SWPA.
His name is Ed Simmonds and is an amazing source on WWII
radar details. Several of his books have sold out and just are
not available.

He has suggested to me that he sells the books via me to those
Americans who might be interested. This, I reckon, is a great
opportunity as there is so little written about radar down this way
and the book is very readable. The book that he is selling is
called 'Echoes Over the Pacific'. It is extremely hard to get- I
had to go to him to get my copy!

He was wondering if you would be interested in advertising the
particular book in the 380th BG Association newsletter. It covers
a hell of a lot of stuff on radar (admittedly concentrating on the
Aust operators and mostly ground stations). However, there are
a number of pages on RCM (with mention to the 380th BG- though
there's a typo and it reads '370' which is picked up on the
corrections page) and section 22.


Author:    Ed Simmonds & Norm Smith
Title:    Echoes Over the Pacific
Publication Date:    1995 (limited run of 1000 copies)
Publisher:    EW & E Simmonds (self published)
Pages:    276
Photographs:    16+ B&W photos
Maps and Diagrams:    Many maps, charts and diagrams
Size:    21cm x 15cm
Price:    Ed has estimated $20 US (including posting and packaging)
Other Details: Soft cover. Each copy signed by the author

Attached are some scans of the book

cheers mate


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