Bomb Group

380th Bomb Group Association

NEWSLETTER #18 -- March 2004


John V. Rader, 528th Squadron, has the following plaque in memory of his WWII service with the 380th. He wanted to share it with the other members.

Bill Plassman, 530th Squadron, put together a B24J model of ON DEFENSE. He has been kind enough to send us photographs!


When Edward Painter corresponded with Barb Gotham in December 2003 regarding the deaths of his father, George V. Painter, and his uncle, Donald J. Mullen, he related the following story about them while they were with the 380th:

Don and dad shared a tent and one day dad walked in to find Don reading a letter from his sister, she had also sent a picture of herself which was laying on the bed. Dad picked it up and asked Don who it was. Don told him it was his sister. Dad then said "I think I'll marry her." Don said "Like hell you will." Well, needless to say it did happen, mom and dad had been married 52 years when dad passed and had a daughter and three sons.

Both Don and George were on the ground crew, in ordnance. Edward says his father didn't talk a lot about his service time so he's now looking for whatever he can find and will share it with both his dad's family and his uncles. If anyone has information or would like to correspond with Edward, his email address is: Paintereogau@aol.com


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