Bomb Group

380th Bomb Group Association

NEWSLETTER #20 -- August 2004

Compatriots and Friends:

As you read this, it will not be long until we meet in the Boston Area for our 2004 Reunion. We are looking forward to seeing many of you again there.

At our Business Meeting there we have several important items to discuss, the most important of which is our future wishes for the Reunion itself. If you wish to continue beyond New Orleans next year, we must prepare a preference list so Pat Carnevale will have the information to make her future plans.

Please note also in this issue the information on our publishing costs for black and white vs. color; Ralph Henderson's memories at Topeka concerning when the flight element learned of our Australian assignments vs. England; and the information concerning the History Project. We look forward to discussing all of this with you.

Have an enjoyable trip to Boston and a very successful reunion.

To preserve the memory of the 380th.


Theodore J. (Ted) Williams

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