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NEWSLETTER #23 -- June 2005





Dear Mr. Williams,

I am anxious to contact a veteran who flew missions out of Corunna May 43 to Nov 45. In particular a mission about Nov 44 attacking a Japanese convoy and lasting around three weeks. A lot of the detail I want to record is obscure or lost. It was a very secretive base so I don't know if it was recorded. Perhaps if you would be kind enough to publish my request in your newsletter I would be grateful.

I was there from Jul 43 to Nov 45 as a member of the RAAF 73rd Operational Base Unit and would like to put more information on paper and a very large part of the action was the 380th. Any help you can give me would be most appreciated.


John Mooney



Thought you might find this of interest.

A gentleman by the name of Greg Wright, Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia & his 14 yr. old son found a dog tag in 2001 or 2002 at Fenton Field in a dump not far from the transport section. The dog tag was marked L W Luehring which is my father, Lester W Luehring, who was stationed at Fenton Field During WWII. He was a member of the 380th bomb group - the 528th squadron. Mr. Wright contacted Mr. Luehring's family to say he had found the tag & would like to return it. My father, Lester W Luehring, passed away in March of 2002. The dog tag has been returned to his family in March of 2005.

We cannot thank Mr. Wright enough for making sure the dog tag was returned home.

My father was very proud of being a member of the 380th bomb group; I even attended a reunion with him that was held at Dayton, Ohio. It was very moving for me.

Thank you for taking time to read this. If you would like any more information I can be contacted at lll_1@charter.net


Lorna Luehring

Fond Du Lac WI 54935

Phone 920-923-6538



Dear Ted,

Greetings from South Australia and I hope you are well.

After many months of delay at the printer's, my latest book, "G'day Mate, ‘ave ya ‘eard this one. MK.11." is finally receiving the finishing touches. Because of this I have been doing as promised and notifying all contributors of articles, etc., about its availability. There are two American contributors whose addresses I have lost and I wondered if they are people known to you or any members of the 380th. One in particular is a Mr. William R. Duffy who says he is known mainly as "Duffy". I located one man of that name by phone in California this day who didn't sound very happy and when I told him where I was calling from he said, "What are you selling?" Anyway it was the wrong man.

The other person who was an American serviceman who spent some time in Australia, goes by the title of "Iguana Jack Roo" who is in reality, "George Edward Sheldon" and claims to be an aircraft historian. His address according to the Internet is simply "America." I believe he travels around giving lectures etc. I would be pleased to receive any help in this regard. Just looking at Duffy's article he informs me he has a Japanese wife if that may ring a bell with you and he was 75 at the time of his writing.

Please remember me to all the guys who happened to spend time in the hottest and worst dust hole in the whole of Australia, Corunna Downs, when I operated there as RAAF radio telegraphist and they were doing their nightly bombing runs up in the islands. Good on you guys and the mighty Liberators.

Will be sending you a copy of my book for your library when copies are received.

Cheers for now and all the best Ted.

Yours faithfully,

Antonio Cafarella.


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