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380th Bomb Group Association

NEWSLETTER #24 -- September 2005

Compatriots and Friends:

The original deployment crews of the 380th and their aircraft are all well known in all of our writings, but what was the 380th like after December 1943 when those crews started going home and many of their aircraft were declared war-weary, or had already been lost? From our history records, we have compiled lists of the replacement crews as they arrived, the new aircraft we received, and the original copilots who became first pilots before returning home. We hope you enjoy perusing these lists.

The San Diego Reunion promises to be an exciting and moving experience with the B-24 Dedication and our Memorial Service in the Navy Chapel. San Diego at that time of year promises to be beautiful with much to see.

With the disaster at New Orleans, we obviously will not be going there next year. We published the results of the Boston discussion in the March 2005 FLYING CIRCUS. Please be thinking whether you wish to follow that list or do you have other choices for next year. We must decide at the Members Meeting at the Reunion. If you are unable to attend the Reunion and you'd like to get your "two cents worth" in, please contact me before the end of October.

We hope you have a pleasant journey to San Diego and a great time there.

    To preserve the memory of the 380th.


            Theodore J. (Ted) Williams

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