Bomb Group

380th Bomb Group Association

NEWSLETTER #28 -- September 2006

Compatriots and Friends:

The Washington Reunion will be a very important meeting for us. Not only will we be taking part in the Dedication of the new Memorial for the USAF, but also we must make an important decision on the future of our 380th Bomb Group Association. The departure of Pat Carnevale as our Reunion Coordinator as of the end of Washington Reunion requires us to outline the future of the Association there.

To continue, we will probably need a new Coordinator, and our obvious limited future as the result of our members aging may make it difficult to entice an appropriate person for this task. It would be difficult for any of our members to take over here since we lack the experience and connections that such a person must have. Your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions concerning our Association's future are most welcome. Please send them to us and we will provide these at Registration so all can discuss this prior to and at our Business Meeting on Saturday morning of the Reunion.

Have a pleasant trip to Washington and a great time there!

To preserve the memory of the 380th.


            Theodore J. (Ted) Williams

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