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NEWSLETTER #28 -- September 2006


Day is done, gone the sun, from the lake, from the hill,
from the sky. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Thanks and praise for our days 'neath the sun, `neath
the stars, `neath the sky. As we go, this we know
God is nigh.


528th, Allison, Lute P.,  Asst Flight Engineer/Gunner, Vance Crew (2), Navran Crew (7),  DOD August 9, 2006, Sheboygan Wisconsin, reported by his granddaughter, Rebecca Norman

528th, Miller, John H., Jr., Radio Operator, DiDomenico's Crew (4), DOD August 30, 2006, Fort Worth, Texas, reported by his widow, Lucille Miller (phone call to Bill Bever)

528th, Smith, Richard J., Navigator, Stovell Crew (3), DOD May 26, 2006, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, reported by his daughter, Joni Smith

530th, Lutsey, Noel M., Sr., Aircraft Commander, Lutsey Crew (87),  DOD August 13, 2006,  Brooklyn Center, Minnesota,  reported by Gordon Goecke

531st, Cumming, Ruth, Wife of Alexander B. Cumming, DOD October 10, 2004, Saco, Maine, reported by her daughter, Janet Tucker

531st, Conley, Lester H.,  Radio Operator and Machine Gunner, Brody Crew (90), DOD July 3, 2006, Aurora, Illinois, reported by Jack Templeton, 5th Inf Div Vet (WWII)



528th, Henricksen, William J. (Jack), Gunner, Hartley Crew (6), DOD October 21, 2006, El Reno, Oklahoma, reported by Jim Cernick

528th, Henricksen, Wanda Lee, Wife of William J. Henricksen, DOD August 21, 1999, El Reno, Oklahoma, reported by Jim Cernick

528th, Hineline, Arthur B., Co-pilot, Bisson Crew (27), DOD June 16, 2006, Lady Lake, Florida, reported by his son, Michael Hineline

528th, Hill, Lois, Wife of Walter Hill, DOD May 9, 2006, Somerville, Texas, reported by their daughter, Judy Hill

528th, McMillan, Gloria, Wife of Clinton McMillan Jr., DOD October 5, 200, Tampa, Florida, reported by their son, Bradley R. McMillan

529th, Brotherton, James R., Navigator, Daffer Crew (27), DOD March 24, 2006, Jacksonville, Florida, reported by Keith Baker

529th, Boyan, Sr., James W., Aircraft Engine Maintenance Technician, DOD November 1, 2006, Sea Girt, New Jersey, reported by The Boyan Family

529th, Pickens, Samuel W., Asst Radio Operator/Gunner, Ivey Crew (40), Wells Crew (37), Thornton Crew (19), DOD November 25, 2006, Waco, Texas, reported by his son, Cody Pickens, and his brother, Joseph Pickens

530th/531st, Cunningham, Betty J., Wife of Cletus A. Cunningham, DOD May 12, 1990, Tempe, Arizona, reported by her daughter, Sue Acuff

530th, McLarry Joe R., Flight Engineer, Gardner Crew (78) and Ground Staff, Crew Chief, DOD July 31, 2002, Trenton, Texas, reported by Keith Baker and Marvin Gardner

530th, Smith, James E., Bombardier, Engen Crew (76), DOD August 31, 2006, Tupelo, Mississippi, reported by his widow, Dee

531st, Palmer, Joseph H., Ground Staff, Armorer, DOD September 8, 2006, Lincoln, Rhode Island, reported by his widow, Margaret

HQ, Koeck, Lawrence M., Ground Staff, Administrative NCO, DOD February 4, 2002, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, reported by his son, Christopher L. Koeck

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Please send TAPS information to:

Barbara J Gotham

130 Colony Road, West Lafayette IN 47906-1209


When submitting a TAPS listing for a 380th member or spouse, please be sure to include the person's name and squadron, city/state where living at time of death, date of death (if exact date not known, then month/year or even year is sufficient), and your name and relationship to him/her.

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