380th Bomb Group Association

 NEWSLETTER #3 -- June 2000


A Note From Helen Thompson:

The former 380th Bomb Group Association, Inc., has now been dissolved.

The Final Tax Return with all pertinent legal work attached was mailed to the Internal Revenue Service on 12 April 2000.

The Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum has put together a B-24 Heavy Bomber Crew Registry. We have given them the information from our database, as published in our two Roster documents, for this Registry.

You can contact the museum regarding the database at:

Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum
31001 Magnuson Avenue
Pueblo CO 81001
Phone: 719/948-9219
Email: pwam@iex.net

We can give our contact there a copy of our current mailing list so that he can add current mailing addresses to your entries in the database information, but we need your permission to do so. Please contact Barbara Gotham if it is okay for us to give him your current mailing address.

Barbara Gotham
380th Bomb Group Association
130 Colony Road
West Lafayette IN 47906-1209
Phone: 765/494-7037
Email: 380th.ww2@gmail.com

As you know, the Internet auction website, eBay.com handles many WWII memorabilia in its Collectibles, Militaria, WWII, section. Many of these in the past have involved 380 Bomb Group related artifacts. We have had inquiries concerning two such objects, as noted below:

Richard R. Kee (Famkee@aol.com) has purchased the nose art reproduction of our 380 Group Emblem as shown in this photo. If anyone recognizes this piece and can tell Rick something of its history, he would be most appreciative. You can reach him at the email address given above, or write him at: 6020 Birdie Dr., LaVerne, CA 91750, or by phone at: 909-593-4348.

Mike Davis (mdavis54@flash.net) has procured an accordion whose carrying case (pictured here) carries the Group and 531st Squadron emblems used by us while in The Philippines. Again, Mike would like to know if anyone remembers the history of this particular accordion and its box.

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