380th Bomb Group Association

 NEWSLETTER #32 ~ October 2007


From: Vanessa Henwood
Sent: Wed 8/15/2007 8:19 PM
To: Gotham, Barbara J.
Subject: 133 Hvy AA Bty Assn.

Hi Barbara,
I have been talking with Bob Alford and he suggested that I email you in regard to contacting some of your members of the 380th Bomb. Gp.
I am deeply into finishing my book on the 133rd Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery which protected the 380th at Fenton.
Ted Williams and I have discussed certain events and has granted me permission to utilise the wealth of information published on your website. However, it would be to histories advantage if I could somewhat interview (over email), some of your men if they are interested.
I also have in my procession ‘The King of the Heavies', ‘The Flying Circus' and ‘Under the Southern Cross'. If you have contact details with Jim Wright and Bob Livingstone, it would be most appreciated as they do make reference in their books to my group of men.
Best regards,

PS: Congratulations on a terrific effort you and Ted have put into the enormous history of the 380th.

From Bill Shek
To: Barb Gotham
Date: October 4, 2007
Subject: AF Museum

I just got a piece of interesting info from the AF museum. I don't know if you saw the section where they had several leather flight jackets on display, but several were displayed in a glass case showing the artwork on the backs of them—the fronts were not visible. One jacket had a large painting of "The Flying Circus" patch on it. I recently emailed asking about that jacket and they told me it had belonged to Max L. Markman, of the 380th BG. I looked him up on the 380th site and he was a Statistical Control Officer (ground staff) with the 528th and then with the Group. Several of the vets had wondered who the jacket belonged to, so it might be an interesting bit of info to put in the Oct. Newsletter.         ....  Bill

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