Bomb Group

380th Bomb Group Association

Newsletter 36 ~ Fall 2008


Air Force Link    Air Force News            http://www.af.mil/news/

WWII Letters        http://ww2.war-letters.com/

First Person Accounts and Primary Source Documents

Letters between soldiers and their loved ones form a natural library of first person and eye witness accounts of war. They are an excellent written record with precise dates covering both the macro and micro scale of the conflict. Our simply aim is to database them, free-to-view online.

The Collings Foundation       http://collingsfoundation.org/

"Wings of Freedom" Tour

The Wings of Freedom Tour brings historic aviation to your community! Tour through the authentically restored aircraft or take a flight aboard for the ultimate immersion in history! 

VetSignia        http://www.vetsignia.org/ 

Veterans Recognition

Metalized Film Window Stickers

Magnetized Vehicle Plaques

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