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Newsletter 36 ~ Fall 2008


This photo and text below was sent by Dexter Baker, 528th Squadron, Baker Crew (4)

Left to right: Sgts. Hanner, Hill, Shoat, and Gray. These are the mechanics who kept the GOLDEN GOOSE flying from the time I arrived in April 1943 to its departure for scrap to Amberly Field, Australia, in February 1944. It completed 40 missions, most of them under my command. ... Dexter


Didgeridoo - Shady Lady Crash - August 1943

Photo provided by Bill Shek/Slim Powers


Photos provided by Bill Shek

Jack Banks, William Shek, Lester Miller


P38 - Charter Towers

Fenton Field 1943

Golden Goose over Babo



Dauntless Dottie over Roti--Koepang Timor Mission

Waingapoe Harbor Ships

Golden Goose - Approaching Fenton

Quack Wac, Queer Deer, Beautiful Betsy, Jezebel (labeled)


Photos provided by Steve Conway

Charlie Howe & Assistant


Capt A.T. Ferrante, Jan 1944 

Capt Jack Kelly

A.T. Ferrante, T.M. Jones, Jack Garlock, Tom Farrell, Jan 1944

Hit by Flak


Lt John Thompson

Lt John Thompson & Toughy

Lt T.B. White


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