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Newsletter 36 ~ Fall 2008


Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 1:20 PM

I ran across an issue of Yank Down Under in my father's papers. I thought the Flying Circus readers might enjoy this commentary.

Joyce MacDonald

Daughter of James Parker Benton

530th, Asst Flt Eng, Gunner, Harkins' Crew (38)

Ho Hum Milk Run

Dear Yank:

In the May 12 issue of YANK we of the heavy bomb group, formerly known as Colonel Miller's Flying Circus, noticed the article entitled "Two Bomber Outfits Start Feuding." After operating with both the Jolly Rogers and Ken's Men we are inclined to agree with Ken's Men that the Jolly Rogers are not the "Best damn heavy bombers in the world."

As you know, Colonel Miller's boys are from the Never-Never Land and probably it is because of that fact that no publicity comes our way. But what's the difference; we are no supermen nor can we vie for honors with comic-strip heroes. We fly without fighter cover, our short missions are longer than those flown in Guinea, and we take off (with maximum loads) and land on strips shorter and inferior to those utilized by the Jollys or the Kenny's. Ho Hum, we never had it so good.

Once in a while we have some fun. We go down on an enemy airdrome and strafe. It may be an operative strip, makes no difference. Perhaps our bombs didn't hit (we are not infallible) and we may knock a few fighters out of commission before they come up to meet us. You see, we have no top cover.

There's a rumor circulating in camp that sometime ago part of the Jolly Rogers were here. We hear tell they received some kind of award for going over a particular target. That target is a good deal hotter now and we're required to go over it with fewer planes. Milk Run!

We are proud of one thing, however. We are proud of the formation we fly. It's very nice to see and we think the Nips appreciate it, too. Many times we see numbers of the little fellas way off in the distance debating whether or not they should come in closer for a better look at the formation.

We have a lot to learn about combat flying, we admit. We'd like to have some of the Guinea heroes targets. We're eager to learn-send'em over.

Lt. E. H. Radius


Radius, Egbert H. / 529 / O-746176 / Pilot, Blake's Crew (19) / BAIL-OUT BELLE

Ho Hum Milk Run II

We chuckle heartily up our sleeves every time we read one of your stories about the Jolly Rogers or Ken's Men.

This is the only heavy bomb group in Australia and has the distinction of completing the longest combat mission on record.

What would seem to this, The Lost Battalion, or more affectionately known as the B-24 Group, a milk run would be a hot mission to the Guinea Play Boys.

There is one big question we would like to have answered—what would they do if they had to fly missions all the time without fighter cover?

T/Sgt. H. M. Gramblet


Gramblet, Howard M. / 529 / 39094659 / Radio Opr, Harrison's Crew (39)

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