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Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 9:38 AM

Re: Fenton


Attached are photos that I saw at Fenton Field on my recent trip there. "Mystery Drums" -- maybe someone knows what they were used for, the center one had a chimney coming out of it, ones laying on the ground in Pic 1, It's located at the Fenton Airstrip Base Camp. Each corner drum had a hole cut out so as to whatever was in it could get through to the center drum, the holes were about 10 Inches wide X 8 Inches high.

The concrete pad had something bolted down on it because the threaded studs 80mm long are sticking out of the raised concrete section.

Doug Tilley

Adelaide River, NT



An email went out to the 380th email list, asking if anyone knew what these "mystery" drums were.
After much discussion about whether they were or were not latrines,
this answer was received from Doc Doherty via Bill Shek.

Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 1:22 PM

Re: Mystery Drums

Hi Barb,

I just received an email direct from Doc Doherty at Fenton about the "mystery" drums, which I have pasted below. Take care.

Bill Shek


Doc Doherty, Fenton Australia:

Hi Bill

Hope all's well, glad it went well in Tucson, yes the photo is of what 380th called "Latrines" Aussie word "Flaming Furies" or "Dunnies" were lit up with Petrol/Kero or Diesel Mix and burnt daily.

Centre 50 gal (Aussie 44 Gal) was married to outer drum, acted like a septic system a flu (airvent) in the centre was 6 to 10' to vent off smell (maybe?) a wooden seat was fitted. many of these exist at Fenton & Long & other sites. But only Fenton boasts two (2) that have a modification, where the metal protruding in vertical appears to have been some sort of backrest but it also meant all the guys sat face to face with feet on inner drum.

Next time you are here you should do a photo shoot on all the different varieties of "dunnies".



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