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NEWSLETTER #37 -- Winter 2008/2009


Day is done, gone the sun, from the lake, from the hill,
from the sky. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Thanks and praise for our days 'neath the sun, `neath
the stars, `neath the sky. As we go, this we know
God is nigh.


528th, Sheehan, Norma L., widow of Sherwood Sheehan, DOD November 5, 2008, Boca Raton, Florida, reported by John Annesser and Bud Offerle

529th, Beck, William Roman, Ground Staff, Engineering, DOD June 23, 2008, South Gate, California, returned newsletter

529th-RAAF, Carroll, John W., RCM Operator, Various Crews, DOD November 19, 2008, Blacktown, NSW, Australia, reported by his daughter, Penny Owen, and Milt Markowitz

529th-RAAF, Carroll, Valerie, wife of John W. Carroll, DOD May 29, 2008, Sydney, NSW, Australia, reported by her daughter, Penny Owen

529th, Lanners, Louis N., Jr., Flight Engineer, Kroes' Crew (56), DOD November 21, 2008, Houston, Texas, reported by his niece Jean Cator

530th, Babiarz, Chester S., Sr., Tail Gunner, Gardner Crew (78), DOD September 21, 2008, North Arlington, New Jersey, reported by his daughter, Charlotte Smaldone

530th, Benton, James Parker, Asst Flight Engineer, Gunner, Harkins' Crew (38), DOD June 24, 2007, Kansas City, Missouri, reported by his daughter, Joyce Macdonald

530th, Burt, Donald L., Gunner, Lewis' Crew (85), DOD March 14, 1990, reported by Gene Stadler

530th, Burt, Peggy, wife of Don Burt, DOD March 2, 2002, reported by Gene Stadler

530th, Matusz, Arnold J., Flight Engineer, Lewis' Crew (85), DOD August 1990, reported by Gene Stadler

530th, Stuckey, Algeon Lester, Radio Operator/Gunner, Udall Crew (63), DOD October 9, 2008, Sheridan, Arkansas, reported by his son, Paul Stuckey

531st, Hunt, Thomas M., Ground Staff, Operations, Clerk Typist, DOD November 11, 2008, Dallas, Texas, reported by Hunt Petroleum Co staff, Bill Bever, and others

Other, Brooks, Russ, 380th Australian Historian, DOD October 25, 2008, Beecroft, NSW, Australia, reported by Bob Alford

Russ was born on 25 August 1923 and later joined the RAAF, where he trained as a bomb aimer on B-24 Liberators. He was posted as a Pilot Officer to No. 24 Squadron, a part of No. 82 Wing based at Fenton in 1944. He flew missions over the Netherlands East Indies (Indonesia) including one against the power houses on Java and another against a Japanese naval force. Russ was bombing leader on a number of those missions. He also flew with 24 Squadron from Morotai and Palawan before being demobilized as a Flying Officer in 1945.

Postwar Russ and a business partner founded what became a very successful ceramic production business, and though Russ retired a number of years ago he maintained an active role in the company. He attended the 50th Anniversary of the B-24 Liberator at Fort Worth in 1989 and this led to his regular attendance at the 380th reunions where he and his wife 'Tiny' became firm friends of many of the 'Flying Circus' veterans and their families.

Russ passed away peacefully on 25 October 2008.

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When submitting a TAPS listing for a 380th member or spouse, please be sure to include the person's name and squadron, city/state where living at time of death, date of death (if exact date not known, then month/year or even just year is sufficient), and your name and relationship to him/her.

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