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380th Bomb Group Association

Newsletter 38 ~ Spring 2009

In Memorium - Thomas M. Hunt

A Tribute to Tom Hunt by Ted Williams

As we all well know, Tom Hunt was one of our most respected and influential members of our 380th Bomb Group Association over most of its life and at the same time he was equally friendly to each and every one of us.

Although he would never accept a named governing position in the Association, he always had the right interpretation of any problems our organization incurred and had an apt proposed solution to each. Never pushy with his opinion, he would drop the right word or explanation at the right time to quickly solve our then present need.

With his very wide contacts he was most useful in picking and attaining our annual meeting sites and in getting the best arrangements for them.

As Operations Sergeant of the 531st Squadron and of Group he was deeply involved with our Flying Operations, both combat and training.

With his astonishing memory he was able to discuss all elements of our operational history with all of us. This directed and amplified many of our "war story" discussions and kept the "claims" being made from being too overblown.

I'm sure we will all remember Tom on all occasions when we are recalling 380th and its members in our memories.

As we will all agree, our time in the 380th, at our then younger age, will always be one of the highest and probably most remembered periods in our lives, and Tom Hunt will always be one of those compatriots who will readily come to mind.

.... Ted Williams

Dear Barbara

How sad to hear of the passing of Tom Hunt. We had a telephone conversation with him shortly before the reunion and he assured us he would be there. My friendship with Tom goes back to the 1992 reunion in Australia. We were fellow "oil workers" and knew many of the same people in the industry. I have had many conversations with Tom each year at the reunions and will miss him greatly.

His commanding southern drawl just seemed to be a natural part of each reunion. How sad.


Lyle Sears

Dear Barbara

This picture was very important to Tom [Hunt] and he spent about two years looking for it.

We were so saddened to hear he had passed away. I just wish we had known he was sick so we could have sent him cards to let him know he was in our thoughts.

Thanks for all your work to keep the 380th Reunion going.  We had so many memorable times, but we just got old.

Fred and Betty Low

Bachelor's Brothel

Back row (L/R): Unknown, Steve Rankin (co-pilot), Gene Fiori (waist gunner), John Otto (navigator), Fred Low (pilot), Prisoner-of-war (Sgt Banks ?), Phil Carmen (tail gunner), George Schauman (radio operator)

Front row (L/R): Dan Bruen (bombardier), Bill Galaher (top gunner), Bob Mayer (flight engineer), Tom Hunt (observer), Unknown, John Murphy (nose gunner)

Marvin Gardner & Tom Tom at 380th Reunion, Dayton Tom at another 380th Reunion
 These photos were provided by Marvin's daughter, Kathleen

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