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Newsletter 38 ~ Spring 2009


William W. Casselberry

From: Jim Cernick

To: Barb Gotham

Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 4:53 PM

Hi Barb,

Here's a photo I found on e-Bay. I don't have any info on it, but it looks like the guy broke up a great collection and sold them individually. The pics that weren't noseart he sold in a group of 80 for $69.00, lots of people pics too. Breaking up the albums has become quite the norm and I hate it. I'm guessing that it's like the sign with the Flying Circus pic I sent you awhile back that nobody remembers, late war Philippines I'm sure. Promise, some pics are coming, working on it, workin' workin':) ttyl, Jim


23 Sept 08

Dear Barbara,

I enclose two photos which I hope you will publish.

(a) Tommy and Helen [Thompson] at the October 1988 unveiling of the plaque at Fenton, Australia.

(b) The plaque at Fenton, Australia, 1988. Both Dot (my wife) and I attended to Re-union and we enjoyed meeting our American friends and the Re-union.

David Sieber

Daniella, Western Australia

The photo below was taken in October 2008 by Doug Tilley during a visit to Fenton Field.  Still looks to be in good shape after 20 years!

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