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NEWSLETTER #45 - Winter 2010/2011




I recently came across this photograph of my father and his crew in front of Slightly Dangerous. My father William Kilbury is the third from the left in the back row. He was the Aircraft Commander of the 531st Flight Crew 98.

From information on your website his crew members were Pilot Philip Pitkin (killed on ground June 28, 1945), Navigator Robert Montgomery, Bombardier Henry Ostopowski (killed flying with another crew June 18, 1945), Flight Engineer Robert Malik, Radio Operator Alexander Werner, and Gunners Henry Gullion, William Kangas, Fred Lamb, and Earl Walker.

As previously noted in TAPS, my father died 11-14-2005. I found this website after his death and it has meant a lot to me to learn more about his WWII experience. Thanks to all who make it available.

William (Fritz) Kilbury, 10/27/10





Back: Joel R. Wilson, Pilot; Richard Mansfield, Co-Pilot; Hardy J. Rogers, Navigator; Gordon E. Burns, Bombardier

Front: Anthony Sogusky, Engineer; Joe Burdick, Radio; Jasper Steen, Nose Gunner; Alton Johnson, Waist Gunner; Steve Eastanic, Martin Turret; Warren Hice, Tail Gunner

Submitted by Joe Burdick, 10/10/10.

We were assigned to "Patches" and were flying the #4 position the day O'Brien's crew turned back and failed to return to our base. Hardy Rogers and I are the only two on the crew alive. Teresa (Hice) Burdick was married to Warren Hice, our tail gunner and good friend. We kept in contact as we flew 32 missions together and after our spouses passed away, Teresa and I were married on 9/22/2001.



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