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NEWSLETTER #45 - Winter 2010/2011


From Bob McRae:

I am sending you three 380th bomber group wreck images, with accompanying short descriptions (below), for your consideration. If you wanted to buy any of these pictures, I would send you a more extensive story.

One oil painting is 3'x 4' the other two are 3'3"x 4'. Each has a good sized gold frame which adds to the size. If you are interested in purchase, I would build a box around the painting(s) to export to the US.

Each painting is worth AUD$3000.00, this includes the frame and transport box. However, you would need to pay for the freight, and I could let you know the cost. I have successfully sent paintings this way from Sydney to the Darwin Military Museum and they have arrived safely.

Please note that these images are not for reproduction unless purchased.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Bob McRae



(1) 'The newly rediscovered "Nothing Sacred''

This Liberator Bomber of the 380th Bomber group was recently rediscovered at Fenton Airstrip in the Northern Territory, Australia. The historian, Bob Alford, took my friend Peter Fisher and myself to the site where he was ascertaining its historical significance to the Northern Territory.

Oil on canvas 3'x4'.


(2) 'The wreck of 'My Lady At Mandora'.

Large chunks of this plane's machinery fill the site of this 380th Bomber groups Liberator wreck.

Oil on canvas 3'x4'.


(3) 'Another 380th Bomber Group Liberator Wreck'.

Bob Alford found a watch at this site which was previously thought to be from a crew member of 'Nothing Sacred'. He tried to return the watch to relatives of the crew, but was unable to do so. I think that the watch is at the Darwin Aircraft Museum . In the woods at the back of the painting are images of the crew - one is looking for his watch.

Oil on canvas 3'x4'.

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