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NEWSLETTER #45 - Winter 2010/2011


From:  Office - Fact Not Fiction Films <office@factnotfictionfilms.com>


Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 6:33 AM


Subject:  Shady Lady August 1943


Dear Barbara,


I am contacting you on behalf of Fact Not Fiction Films, a multiple business award-winning independent British Film Production Company established in 2006 to make compelling and thought provoking documentaries with an emphasis on humanity, the environment and issues of significant public interest.


We are currently making a documentary about the Shady Lady and its fascinating adventures in August of 1943. We were advised that you may hold information and archive footage about the mission that took place by the 528th Squadron? Do you also know of any veterans who crewed the Shady Lady that are still alive?


Just so you know as well, we are working with Heritage Consultant Lindsay Peet (Australia) on the story and the people we are aware of that were crewing the Shady Lady as we understand are:


Doug Craig's Crew -- Crew Eight

Acft Cmdr: Craig, Douglas S., O-659955

Pilot: Jackson, Robert L., O-795598
Pilot: O'Flahavan, John P., O-669903

Navigator: Nash, John B., O-796581

Bombardier: Packard, Randall E., O-734826

Flt Eng: Joseph, Louis D., 13026849

Radio Opr: Daughty, Rupert J., Jr., 18053940

Asst Flt Eng, Gunner: Krout, Vernon A., 33374130

Front Nose Gunner: S/Sgt William Klenn
Gunner: Kapuscinski, Chester A., 32491459

Gunner: Mynock, William J., 19024518

Gunner: Powers, Maurice V., 32441404

Flying Officer: H R (‘Sandy') Ruston


Thanks for all of your help. I look forward to hearing from you.


Nathalie Holman

Fact Not Fiction Films Ltd

Business Resource Centre, Mile Stone House, 86 Hurst Road

Horsham, West Sussex RH12 2DT, UK


Phone: 44 1403 734550

Fax: 44 1403733150


What if...the pilot about to land your plane has become

incapacitated, but you don't know about it. Worse still,

neither does he.


Shadows From The Sky (2010)


The producers of this documentary are looking for photos of these crew members and some background information about them, such as where they came from, how old they were at the time of this mission, what they did before and after the war, etc. Also any information, archival footage, stories surrounding the events of August 13-14, 1943.

If you can contribute, please let Barb Gotham know so she can contact the producers. They are gathering information at this stage and preparing the "script," and hope to film their documentary (with re-enactments) by/at the end of this year.


August 18, 2010, note from Mr. Lindsay Peet (he's a member of our association)

I note that you and Ted Williams have been running a History Project, ‘We went to war,' for a number of years. Since 1988 I have been researching the air war in Western Australia (WA) from 1939 to 1945 and have collected a large amount of material on 380 BG operations in WA (May 1943-February 1945) from sources in Australia and the USA, as well as visiting Corunna Downs, Drysdale (now Kalumburu) and Truscott. Glenn Horton is aware of this, as is Bob Alford (who I understand is now living in Thailand). And I did meet Ted at the 1990 Colorado Springs Reunion and again a few weeks later at the USAF Museum at Dayton, Ohio. Subject to coping with my current (and hopefully temporary) disabilities I am happy to share my research into the 380 BG in WA with you and Ted. I should also mention that I have revived my book on the air war in WA which will include proper coverage of the role of the 380 BG.

Editor note: Lindsay sent me considerable information about Corunna Downs and Lombock, which I plan on sharing with you in the Spring 2011 FLYING CIRCUS newsletter.

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