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January 17, 2012

I would like to have my father, Walter S. Ingram, added to the 380th Bomb Group's TAPS listing; he was a gunner with the Baker Crew on the Golden Goose. Also, if there are any pictures or memories of my father, I would love to hear the details.

Thank you very much and the website is fantastic.

Victor (Vic) Ingram

January 2012

A donation was received by THE AIR FORCE ENLISTED VILLAGE in Memory of MSgt Maurice V. Powers, USAF, Retired from CMSgt & Mrs. Don Cleveland, USAF, Retired, Crestview, Florida


January 9, 2012

My grandfather was Thayne Kershaw Hill, 528th Squadron, gunner on the Hunt Crew. I never knew much about my grandfather as a warrior. I would love to know more about the 380th and the 528th. Especially "The KO Kid." I keep trying to find all I can about him.
Don't have much to remember him by, so any info y'all have would be amazing. Or any where I can look to know more about him during this time period. Thank you so much for having this site to honor these great men.

Matthew Joda Hill


December 15, 2011

My father, John (Jack) T. Quinn, died of radiation poisoning in 1960 involving his duties as director of Nuclear Special Weapons Delivery Training at Luke Air Base. I am researching his life and found a memo written by him that "On October 10th, 1945 I received orders transferring me from the 380th Bomb Group on Okinawa to the 5th Air Force Command at Showa Army Air Base on Honshu Island Japan." So, I would like to post his taps notification here.

I and my brothers and sisters would appreciate any information/stories from his buddies. We don't know what squadron he may have been in.

Thank you,

Dan Quinn for Michael, Patricia, Kathleen, Richard, and Timothy Quinn

January 6, 2012

Billie Conley sent me a photo of her dad [Bill Casselberry, 528th] on Xmas Eve, with the Dottie painting she gave him.  I've asked her if it's ok with him to send it to you for possible inclusion in the next Newsletter, and she said he would love to be included!

Bill Shek


Bill Casselberry, Christmas 2011

November 29, 2011

I received the latest 380th Newsletter [News 48] and it is one of the best I've seen. It was good seeing the images of the Colorado Springs reunion as that was where Pat and I first attended a reunion of the 380th in 1990 and Pat's introduction to the giant hot dogs at the Air Force/Army gridiron game at the Academy. It was also great seeing the 'old and the bold' veterans still active and attending the reunions, where Pat and I are tied down somewhat living here in Thailand with six dogs demanding attention.

Apart from the excellent articles on the Hopi Code Talkers and Shady Lady, what was also of interest to me was the item (from Tony Turner) [News 48 Mail Call] on the trials of inserting Z Unit operatives into enemy territory by way of the Group's B-24, Beautiful Betsy. It may have been mentioned previously but the Aviation Historical Society of the Northern Territory has the slide assembly that was fabricated for the trials. This very significant item has been treated and conserved, and is now awaiting final preparations before being displayed at the aviation museum in Darwin.

I also have photos of the slide assembly in Beautiful Betsy including the image presented in the Newsletter article.  As a matter of interest also, but probably more for Tony, is that I undertook the mapping, heritage surveys and preparation of a report on the Z-Unit camp and other areas at Peak Hill in Darwin Harbour for Conoco Phillips when they were developing the LNG gas plant there. Peak Hill was essentially a remote training base for the Z Unit operaties, mainly Timorese and Australians, commanded by Lt 'Dutchy' Holland of Z Unit and later known as El Tigre.

The main Z Unit camp and Lugger Maintenance Section as the base was known is still intact (including frames for the 'Folboats' - folding two man boats - used to land operatives in enemy territory from submarines or from luggers disguised as local coastal vessels) at East Arm on Darwin Harbour and has been assessed for inclusion on the Northern Territory Heritage Register.

I would be interested in the remainder of the documents you mentioned Tony had sent on as I can update the report I did.

Trust all is well and I hope the reunions continue - if Gus Cameron and others can make it then I guess Pat and I should make the attempt.  Please pass on our best to Ted and Isabel Williams.

Bob Alford
Australian Historian for the 380th Bomb Group

December 2, 2011

I was a former member of the 380th Bomb Group. Was a Radio Gunner on Grindle's Crew. Was never in Australia.  Joined the group in Mindoro in the Philippines.

Just sent am email to Vernon Katen who was the co-pilot on our crew. Don't really know who is still alive.

Roland Gladstone


February 6, 2012

Many years ago contacted several members of my crew who are as follows: Dante Reale (Bombardier), Donald Grindle (Pilot), and Vernon Katen (Copilot). All had answered my communication and then stopped. Don't really know what happened to each of them. I was the Radio Operator on the crew (Grindle) and never heard of any other enlisted men of the crew. Was never in Austrailia. Joined the group in Mindoro in the Philippines. I remained in the Reserves and was commissioned, recalled for the Korean War but never got overseas. Was retrained as a ground electronics officer and released from active duty April 1953. Re􀆟 red from the Air Force Reserve as a Major 1984.

It would be nice to hear from any of my former crew members. Have been very fortunate to be in good health and a young 87 years old!!

Best Regards,

Roland Gladstone

December 22, 2011

I was happy to see the website. I was assigned to the 380 Bomb Wing at Plattsburg AFB 1985 - 1989. I helped Col Moll in the base museum and got to know many of the vets at their reunion in 1986. Most importantly, I used the opportunity to identify and contact the Protestant Chaplains of the WWII years, Chaplain Roarke and Chaplain B. C. Trent. Father Tony Carol, the Catholic Chaplain, had died a few years before. I was able to persuade both the Wing Commander and Chaplain Roarke to bring Chaplain Roarke to Plattsburg as our Prayer Breakfast speaker. Later, when I was assigned to Hanscom AFB, the 380th had their reunion there, and I was able to make contact with them again. They gave me a beautiful jacket with the Group patch (sadly, SAC did not use the WWII patch for the 380 Bomb Wing, although they did use the WWII squadron patch for one of the squadrons.

I was wondering if there was a link to a repository of pictures from the WWII days. I have a few of the chaplains, and of their chapels and of the Easter Service of 1945 which I have scanned for posting.

Ch, Lt Col Glenn D. Rogers, USAF (Ret)
Santa Maria, CA

December 27, 2011


Good to hear from you! I remember you from the Boston Reunion (2004)! We can add a page on our website for the 380th Chaplains, so whatever info you have, I will gladly accept! Thanks so much for whatever info you have obtained and for sharing with us!





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