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Day is done, gone the sun, from the lake, from the hill,
from the sky. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Thanks and praise for our days 'neath the sun, `neath
the stars, `neath the sky. As we go, this we know
God is nigh.


528th - Cartwright, Harry P., Gunner, Hill Crew (25), DOD August 28, 2007, Anderson, Indiana, reported by Tilford Brunner

528th - Hill, Thayne Kershaw, Assistant Flight Engineer/Gunner, Hunt Crew (1), DOD August 18, 2009, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, reported by his grandson, Matthew Joda Hill

528th - Ingram, Walter S., Jr., Gunner, Baker Crew (4), DOD April 12, 1985, Woodbury, New York, reported by his son, Victor H. Ingram

528th - Kulp, Harry Marvin, Waist Gunner, Sheehan Crew (5), DOD March 30, 1988, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, reported by his son, Harry Nicholas Kulp (Harry's wife, Ella White Kulp, passed in 1986)

528th - Tiernan, William C., Pilot, Harwood Crew (20) and Corrado Crew (17), DOD August 6, 2011, Roseville, California, reported by his daughter, Kelly Morgan

528th - Woosley, Thomas H., Radio Operator, Hill Crew (25), DOD July 21, 2011, La Grange, Georgia, reported by Tilford Brunner

529th - Wyatt, William Burrell, Assistant Radio Operator, Johnson Crew (30), DOD June 1982, Charlotte, North Carolina, reported by his daughter, Susan Wyatt

529th - Bangerter, Leland Victor, Flight Engineer, Nakarado Crew (47), DOD December 31, 2011, Roy, Utah, reported by his son, Gary Bangerter

530th - Figueroa, Ralph A. ("Fig"), Flight Engineer, Engen Crew (76), DOD August 9, 2011, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, reported by his daughter, Dee Little

531st - Campbell, Doris C., Widow of John L. Campbell (Pilot), DOD September 19, 2011, Franklin, Tennessee, reported by her daughter, Janice Campbell-Balch

531st - Kozan, Joseph R., Gunner, Smillie Crew, DOD September 14, 2004, Euclid, Ohio, reported by his son, Robert J. Kozan

531st - Mitchell, Charles W., Staff Sergeant, Technical Supply, DOD November 4, 2011, The Villages, Florida, reported by his son, Tom Mitchell

RAAF/Group - Michelmore, Jack Neville, Ground Staff , Engineering, Maintenance, Instrument Mechanic Specialist, DOD June 22, 1994, Casino, NSW, Australia, reported by his son, John Michelmore - Link to Australian Cemetery Index: http://austcemindex.com/inscription.php?id=7944541

Squadron Unknown - Quinn, John T. ("Jack"), Navigator, Crew Unknown, DOD November 16, 1960, Washington, D.C., reported by his son, Daniel Quinn (Dan found a memo written by his father that said, "On October 10th, 1945 I received orders transferring me from the 380th Bomb Group on Okinawa to the 5th Air Force Command at Showa Army Air Base on Honshu Island Japan.")

Honorary Member - Chastain, James M., Jr., Hill Air Force Base, DOD August 2, 2011, Roy, Utah, reported by his son, Mike Chastain (although not in the 380th, Jim served in the 5th AF during WWII in photo maintenance and camera repair with the 3rd Attack Group, 27th Bomb Group, 36th PRS, and 8th PRS)


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When submitting a TAPS listing for a 380th member or spouse, please be sure to include the person's name and squadron, city/state where living at time of death, date of death (if exact date not known, then month/year or even just year is sufficient), and your name and relationship to him/her.

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