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Newsletter #52 - Winter 2012/2013



Maj Marvin E Gardner has had some serious health problems this past year. He is now living in an assisted living home, but his address is the same as always. He is doing very well now, just can't live at home by himself.

Thank you
Kathleen Gardner Clements (daughter)


"WW2 Army Air Corps Veteran". When he walked by I shook his hand and thanked him for his service. When I asked him where he served, he responded that he was in the Southwest Pacific with the 5th Army Air Force as a flight engineer aboard a B-24 bomber. Unfortunately our conversation was cut short when a staff member of the board of elections instructed me proceed to the voting booth. I would love to able to continue my conversation with this veteran. I searched the Internet, looking for 5th Army Air Force units that flew B-24s in the Southwest Pacific and found the 380 Bomb Group. If possible, could you check your members database to see if any live in Fayette County, Ga? Persons living in the following towns could reside in Fayette County:

Brooks, Fairburn, Fayetteville, Griffin, Hampton, Inman, Jonesboro, Lovejoy, Peachtree City, Sharpsburg, Starrs Mill,Tyrone, Union City, Woolsey

Thank you very much...Doug Carter, Fayetteville, GA


I am in possession of a book "The Flying Circus 380th Bomb Group" "King of the Heavies." This book is special because it is signed "1st Lt. Fredrick J Irving, 530th Bomb Squadron, 380th Bomb Group, South West Pacific Area. 0-785399." In the back in what I believe to be in his own handwriting is a record of his 25 missions, including date, target, flying position (leader or wing), time in the air, and his mission number. As the book refers to different targets he has penciled in his mission number if he was there.

Although this book is quite interesting it is of no value to me. I would like to see it returned to it's rightful owner the Irving family or if this is not possible your organization is welcome to it.

Thanks for your service

Robert Donley

Kara Martinelli

Hi there,

My name is Kara Martinelli and my Grandpa, Richard B. Moore, was in the 530th Bomber Squadron. I wrote a book containing his letters home, last year called "My Very Dearest Anna". Since then, I have heard from the son of one of his crew members, Warren Steppe. I was able to talk with him about his Dad and his time in the 380th. I was wondering if you would know how I could find the rest of his crew or family members. Or if you happen to have any information on the rest of his crew:

Ernest C. Capone - pilot - Hartford, CT
Robert Spencer - gunner - Hartford, CT
Walter Noonan - gunner - Hartford, CT
Bill Angelini - gunner - Fall River, MA
Thornton Avery - radio operator - Cleveland, OH
WillIam H. Daley - co-pilot - Hartford, CT
Donald Randolph - radar - Pittsburgh, PA
George Reed - bombardier - Billings, MT
Alvin C. Welch - navigator - Madison, WI

Also, the website for my book is www.dearestanna.com, there are pictures in the Photos tab of my Grandpa's time in the Pacific with the 380th.


Kara Martinelli
Producer, Hemlock Films


We so wanted to attend the Bomb Group Reunion this year as we so enjoyed meeting everyone attending last year in Colorado Springs. But that just cannot happen this year. Maybe next year.

It was especially important for us as Gene [Stadler] passed away June 5 after his brave fight with recurring cancer. You might enjoy and appreciate this story. During the week before he passed, he asked for a shot of whiskey. No one saw a reason not to allow it. I recalled the story he told about lifting a shot glass with others in his crew in memory of those who had already passed away. I am convinced this was his final salute to that time in his life.

We hope to see you next year, as Gene would say, "God willing."

Steve and Barb Stadler


Hi, I am a retired RAAF Police Dog Handler. In 1971 a fellow dog handler gave me a small collection of photos of B-24 Liberators just showing their nose art. I can't remember how he came across them. Yesterday I was going through my collection of photos when I remembered them, did a Goggle search on the aircraft nose art, and found they were from the 380th Bomb Group stationed at Darwin here in Australia. I have attached all photos so you may include them in your Association aircraft records if you like.

All the best - Paul Turner

Satans Secretary Hells Belle

HeavenlyBody The Miss Hap

Lil Dicer></p>
				  Does anyone have an address or number on Phil Doornbas, commander of Dauntless Dabie?<br>
				  My wife's uncle (Wallace Johnson) was the flight engineer on his plane and died in the crash, I am a commercial pilot and wish to ask questions of the event. I mailed him [Phil Doornbas] at an address in Wyoming I think and never got an answer. The B-24 was not a good water lander like the Boeings. I served in the 146th MAW. </p>
				<p>Uncle Wally was quite a legend in Minnesota, His father, my wife's grandfather Herman Johnson, took it quite hard as he was the only boy in the family, His two sisters, my mother-in-law and her sister, have passed on but Wally's namesake from Aunt Marion was asking me, I found the picture of Dauntless Dabie in my mother-in-law Edith's papers when we had to go through them. </p>
				<p>Thank you<br>
				  Jess Meyers<br>
                My uncle Tony is in the pix for Ward ''Bousfield" group. He served in WWII in Australia and received a medal for his injury. Do you have any information and or other medals for him? He passed away in NYC in the 1980's after a long, happy life. <br>
                His full name is Anthony Liberatore. <br>
                Any information or pix appreciated.  Thanks for your help.<br>
                <p ALIGN= 

Frisco Frannie Hot Rocks

Jugglin Josie B24

Jan 9, 2013

In doing some end-of-year house cleaning, I came across some old pictures of my dad during the war.

He was in the 530th Squadron and a sheet metal worker on the ground crew.

Clifford Eldon Dixon, # 37375701.

These old photos are of him with some of the planes he serviced.

"Rough Knight"
"Atom Smasher"
"Puss & Boots"
"Li'l D-Icer"
"Dotties Double"

The pic of Dad in shirt and jacket is while on leave in Darwin.
The other man in the pics is Sgt. Howard Beck.

Thank you for all you do for all the boys in Dad's old unit.
Best regards, Don Dixon

Clifford Dixon Atom Smasher

Dixon Beck Dixon Beck

Dixon Darwin\

Dotties Double Lil Dicer Puss n Boots Rough Knight

Dixon Tractor


First, thank you for having information available on the internet. I have never met my husband's grandpa. I know of him only through family stories. It is wonderful to see information from when he was in the service.

I was wondering if you keep pictures on file. It would be nice to have more pictures of my husband's grandpa, Archibald E. Handorf. I have some pictures scanned into an old computer of Archie when he was in the service with other service members and Gus' Bus. I'm waiting for my husband to fix that computer so I can salvage the pictures saved on it. When he gets it fixed, I can forward pictures to you if you'd like.

I was wondering if family members are welcome at reunions. I'm not sure if there is anyone that knew my husband's grandpa. If there is, it would be a joy to visit with them.

Jessie Handorf



My late Father, Percival Keith Lakey, passed away on 01st January 2013, However, he preferred to use his middle name Keith, and his American friends nicknamed him 'Gus,' He was a member of the RAAF, who was seconded to the U.S. 5th Air Force, 380th Bomb Group (H) in 1943, and as I understand was sectioned predominately with the 528th Squadron.

As I also stated I have uncovered some Photographs of Dad's time in Northern Australia with the 380th. Also a few of S'sg Silvio (NMI) Potenzone, Gunner 528th, 32465401 (Burns' Crew 13-Gypsy). I can recall my father speaking very warmly of him and I would like to forward them to him or his family if possible.

Further Information for my Father is as follows;

Leading Aircraftman: Percival Keith Lakey
Enlistment # 129143
Service: Royal Australian Air Force
Date of Birth: 15th January 1924
Date of Enlistment: 26th April 1943
Locality on Enlistment: Maldon, Victoria, Australia
Place of Enlistment: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Date of Discharge: 31st January 1946
Posting at Discharge: 1 Aircraft Depot

Warm regards,

John L Lakey
Beautiful Betsy gassing up for a mission at Nadzab May 1944



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