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Newsletter #54 - Autumn 2013


Day is done, gone the sun, from the lake, from the hill,
from the sky. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Thanks and praise for our days 'neath the sun, `neath
the stars, `neath the sky. As we go, this we know
God is nigh.


528th - Casselberry, William W. ("Bill"), Ground Staff, Engineering, Maintenance, Line Chief, DOD July 13, 2013, San Angelo, Texas, reported by his daughter, Billie Conley

528th - Henry, Evelyn, wife of Edwards C Henry, DOD November 21, 2013, Canton Mississippi, reported by her son, Ed Henry

528th - Oakes, Loyd R., Bombardier, Synar Crew (18), DOD October 28, 2013, Corpus Christi, Texas, reported by his son-in-law, William Randall

528th - Oeth, Raymond W., Pilot, DOD June 18, 2013, Elberfeld, Indiana, reported by his daughter, Jane Hamby

528th - Wason, Robert C., Radar Navigator, Various Crews, DOD December 27, 2006, Marlborough, Connecticut, reported by his son, Peter S. Wason

529th/RAAF - Baker, Albert Owen, Pilot, McCombe Crew (44), DOD January 12, 2008, reported by his great-grandson, Benjamin Halpin

529th - Neff, Bryce H., Navigator, Benson's Crew (NL), DOD April 19, 2013, Fort Collins, Colorado, reported by his widow, Suzi Neff

529th - Sabatine, LeRoy J., Radio Operator, Levandowski Crew, DOD July 21, 2013, Erie, Pennsylvania, reported by his widow, Karen

529th - See, Francis V., Jr., Aircraft Commander, See Crew (40), DOD 2000, Grants Pass, Oregon, reported by his son, Larry See

530th - Mayer, Donald W., Radio Operator, Baker's Crew (26), DOD June 2, 2013, Westlake, Ohio, reported by his son, Mike Mayer

530th - Mason, Charles F., Tail Gunner, Quinn and Capone Crews, DOD February 3, 2005, Rochester, New York, reported by his grandson, Patrick Mason

530th - Moore, Richard B., Gunner, Capone Crew, DOD August 6, 2007, New Philadelphia, Ohio, reported by his granddaughter, Kara White

530th - Noonan, Walter Francis, Gunner, Capone Crew, DOD April 18. 2012, Media, Pennsylvania, reported by his son, Fred Noonan

530th - Steppe, Warren D., Flight Engineer, Capone Crew, DOD June 19, 1990, Columbia, South Carolina, reported by Ron Asman

531st - Ferguson, James C., Ground Staff, Power Turret Specialist, DOD June 2, 2013, Lincoln Park, Michigan, reported by his son, James A. Ferguson

531st - Goodfellow, Jr., Millard Preston, Bombardier, Staff Crew, DOD January 28, 2013, Wilmington, Delaware, reported by his widow, Allene Goodfellow

531st - Jackson, John W., Ground Staff, Munitions Worker, DOD August 30, 2013, St. Louis, Missouri, reported by his son-in-law, Bob Beelman

531st/RAAF - Pike, Kenneth Hillman, Radar Countermeasures, Finlayson's Crew, DOD April 27, 2007, Australia, reported by his daughter, Helen Pike

531st - Powell, Alvin D., Gunner, Whitlock Crew, DOD September 25, 1994, Big Flint, West Virginia, reported by his granddaughter, Crystal Runyan

531st - Stephenson, Gail F., Bombardier, Benson Crew (116), DOD February 19, 2013, Branson West, Missouri, reported by his daughter, Lisa Stephenson Healy, and Jessie Poy


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When submitting a TAPS listing for a 380th member or spouse, please be sure to include the person's name and squadron, city/state where living at time of death, date of death (if exact date not known, then month/year or even just year is sufficient), and your name and relationship to him/her.

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