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Newsletter #55 - Spring 2014


Day is done, gone the sun, from the lake, from the hill,
from the sky. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Thanks and praise for our days 'neath the sun, `neath
the stars, `neath the sky. As we go, this we know
God is nigh.


528th - Moran, Wilfred E., Aircraft Commander, Moran's Crew (7), DOD February 21, 2014, West Seneca, New York, reported by his son, Mike Moran

529th - Beegle, Woodrow W., Pilot, Hawkey's Crew (57), DOD April 1, 2010, Vallejo, California, reported by his daughter, Trudy Hull

529th - Praster, Arthur T., Ground Crew, Radar/LORAN Technician, DOD March 17, 2001, South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, reported by his son, Tom Praster

529th - Werbner, Alfred P., Bombardier, Watkins' Crew, DOD February 25, 2014, Manchester, Connecticut, reported by his grandson, Andrew Klein

530th - Capone, Ernest C., Aircraft Commander, Capone's Crew, DOD February 11, 1993, Simsbury, Connecticut, reported by his son, Ernie Capone

530th - Hebner, Paul C., Navigator, Dennis' Crew (23), DOD May 10, 2000, Los Angeles, California, reported by his daughter, Jeannie Hebner Sheehy

RAAF/530th - Killion, Gordon Lindsey, Tail Gunner, McPherson's Crew, DOD February 1, 2013, Ballina, New South Wales, Australia, reported by Mick Maguire (Killion was the last surviving member of McPherson's crew)

530th - Zody, Earl Elroy, Assistant Flight Engineer/Gunner, Bevers' Crew (52), DOD August 20, 2007, Cleveland, Ohio, reported by Mick Bradley (Aaron Paul Bevers' great-nephew)

531st/GP - Lynch, Harold P., Ground Crew, Radio Operator (531st) and Communications Chief (GP), DOD August 9, 1974, Granada Hills, California, reported by his daughter, Judy Robinson

531st - Sullivan, Russell G., Ground Crew, Armament Chief, Aircraft Armorer, DOD November 16, 2013, Columbus, Ohio, reported by his companion, Peggy Keller

531st/GP - Bizzell, William Carl, Ground Crew, Gunnery Instructor, DOD March 15, 2014, Goldsboro, North Carolina, reported by his son, Rob Bizzell

OTHER - Machamer, Richard, armament specialist, DOD July 18, 1991, Neenah, Wisconsin, reported by his son, Jim Machamer

OTHER - Watts, Ewan M., Australian Army Medical Corps, DOD November 2, 1971, Collie West Australia, reported by his son, John Watts


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When submitting a TAPS listing for a 380th member or spouse, please be sure to include the person's name and squadron, city/state where living at time of death, date of death (if exact date not known, then month/year or even just year is sufficient), and your name and relationship to him/her.

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Last updated:    11 June 2014