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Newsletter #57 - March 2015


Barb Gotham received the remainder of the WE WENT TO WAR history project documents (from Ted Williams' family) last year. Among these are mission documents and maps.

Barb is currently creating mission lists for each crew. The current online history project shows the mission lists for each aircraft, but not by individual pilots. Once these are complete, they will be added to the List of Aircraft Commanders page on our website at http://380th.org/HISTORY/AcftCmdrList-all.htm.

In the meantime, if you'd like a particular crew's mission list, please send email to 380th.ww2@gmail.com, and provide the veteran's or pilot's name. ‚Äč

The next 380th project (after the missions list for each crew) is scanning the mission record documents and maps.

Eventually, the goal is to post on our website the mission record documents associated with each mission # on each crew's missions list, as well as a separate section on each mission (the mission documents, maps, and possibly even narratives). Unfortunately, no date can be given for completion due to the large amount of data to be scanned and transferred to the website.

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Last updated:    19 March 2015