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Newsletter #57 - March 2015


Mile Pegs NT is a website that aims to gather together stories, photos, recollections and maps of World War 2 sites along the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory, Australia. The purpose is to present and thus preserve a picture of what life was like for the Allied Servicemen and women that served at these sites following the bombing of Darwin on the 19th of February 1942. As such, this site will be dependent on contributions from people willing to share such information to be displayed on the site and will therefore be a continual work in progress.

The bombing of Darwin on the 19th of February 1942 is historically a very important date in the history of the Northern Territory. As such it commands a considerable amount of attention by the media and in other publications. The bombing on the 19th, however, was not the end of the conflict and the war continued in the Northern Territory until 1945. It is this period, spent along the North South Road, that this website attempts to document for prosperity.

Following the attacks, many camp and military sites were constructed down the Stuart highway in a military build-up designed for both defensive and offensive capabilities. As most of these sites had no known names, they were simply allocated a Mile Peg number, that being the distance from Darwin wharf along the then North South Road south to Alice Springs. To give you an example the 49 Mile point from Darwin, which was allocated to the 27th and later 28th Infantry Battalions, became known as 49 mile camp. It is this system of allocating Mile Peg Numbers that this site takes its name.

Website: http://milepegsnt.com/

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Last updated:    19 March 2015