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Newsletter #57 - March 2015


Day is done, gone the sun, from the lake, from the hill,
from the sky. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Thanks and praise for our days 'neath the sun, `neath
the stars, `neath the sky. As we go, this we know
God is nigh.












528th - Herman G. Corrado, Aircraft Commander, Corrado's Crew (17), DOD August 7, 2014, Schaumburg, Illinois, reported by Mr./Mrs. Al Manzardo

528th - Richard B. Rone, Flight Engineer, Roth Crew (5), DOD February 8, 2014 (age 105), Sutherlin, Oregon, reported by family friend, Martha Collins

528th/531st - John G. Shine, Jr., Radio Operator, Sowa Crew (9) (528th), Radio Operator, Paul Crew (50) (531st), DOD March 30, 2011, Westford, Massachusetts, returned newsletter

528th - Daniel G. Sullivan, Navigator, Wise's Crew (19), DOD January 25, 2015, Amityville New York, reported by his son, Michael Sullivan

529th - George Bechstein, Flight Engineer, Levandoski's Crew (43), DOD February 27, 2015, Bowling Green, Ohio, reported by his son, Brad Bechstein

529th - Courtney H. Brewer, Armament Chief, DOD October 8, 1990, Orem, Utah, reported by his son, Todd Brewer

529th - James Edward Elam, Gunner, Deaner's Crew (51), DOD September 16, 2014, Union City, Tennessee, reported by Al Busedu

529th - Lloyd A. Fry, Aircraft Commander, Fry's Crew (28), DOD February 25, 2015, Liberty Hill, Texas, reported by his grandson, Kelly Behrens

529th - Jesse Talmadge Mayfield, Ground Staff, Supply Clerk-Typist, DOD August 15, 2008, Clinton, South Carolina, returned newsletter

529th - Helen Flynn Mayfield, Widow of Jesse Mayfield, DOD December 22, 2011, Clinton, South Carolina, returned newsletter

529th - Margaret ("Marge") Stacker Rossman, Widow of Elmer C. Rossman, Jr., DOD September 14, 2014, Port Washington, Wisconsin, returned newsletter

530th - Keith M. Baker, Gunner, Gardner's Crew (78), DOD September 18, 2014, Adrian, Michigan, reported by his daughter, Jennie Zubke

530th - Robert F. Rhoden, Ground Staff, Autopilot Maintenance, DOD October 26, 2011, Portland, Oregon, returned newsletter

530th/531st - Wilbert E. McClellan, Jr., Bombardier, Cunningham Crew (20), DOD September 6, 2012, Bloomfield, Connecticut, returned newsletter

530th - Harold Bernard Stiles, Navigator, Roberts' Crew, DOD March 8, 1991, Sydney NSW Australia, reported by his, Todd Stiles

531st - Joseph R. Edinger, Gunner, Hahn's Crew (31), DOD January 28, 2015, Linfield, Pennsylvania, reported by his son, Richard Edinger

531st - Richard L. Hall, Photographer, Various Crews, DOD October 1999, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, reported by his grandson, Mark Theis

531st - Teresa Hice Burdick, Widow of Warren E. Hice, Tail Gunner, Wilson's Crew (102), DOD September 22, 2014, Brazil, Indiana, reported by her husband, Joe Burdick (Radio Operator, Wilson's Crew)

531st - Louis Joseph Kempf, Aircraft Commander, Kempf's Crew, DOD December 29, 2006, Charlotte, North Carolina, reported by Dennis J. Francis

531st/GP - Mario S. Piantedosi, Ground Staff, Mess Hall Cook, DOD October 11, 2014, Newton, Massachusetts, reported by his daughter, Elizabeth (his widow, Adeline, survives)

531st - Clara Sears, Widow of Francis Lyle Sears, DOD January 29, 2014, Costa Mesa, California, returned newsletter

531st - Philip C. Smith, Bombardier, Kempf's Crew, DOD August 10, 2008, Billerica, Massachusetts, reported by Dennis J. Francis


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