380th Bomb Group Association

 NEWSLETTER #7 -- June 2001

Compatriots and Friends,

We are happy to report that things are progressing wonderfully for THE FLYING CIRCUS. Pat Carnevale and I can report that the Dayton Reunion is proceeding very well. Please note our discussion of the events further on in this Newsletter.

The Air Force Academy Re-dedication Ceremony promises to be a memorable and moving event. I can also report that Tom Hunt called me up the other day to say, "I've been thinking that if I dig deep in my pockets and skip a few meals I can probably spring for the luncheon you wish to hold in conjunction with the Dedication Ceremony in Colorado Springs." Of course, I was quick to accept! It will be held at the Kissing Camels Golf Club in the Garden of the Gods.

The Kissing Camels Club has a wonderful panoramic view of the Garden of the Gods and of Pikes Peak nearby. The luncheon promises to be a fitting climax to our day at the Academy.

The 380th Aircraft History Project is also proceeding quite well and should be ready before Dayton.

See you at the Reunion!

To preserve the memory of the 380th.


Theodore J. (Ted) Williams

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