380th Bomb Group Association

 NEWSLETTER #9 -- December  2001


Several of you in the past have asked us about the availability of 380th Squadron and Group patches. The Horton's PX was sold out of these in about the mid-1990s as we recall and hesitated to reorder any because of probable low sales.

I have investigated this matter and have the following to report:

  1. These patches can be made available, but the minimum order from the supplier is 50 of each item, i.e., each separate squadron or the group.
  2. All copyrights must be honored. Thus permission must be obtained from Warner Brothers for BUGS BUNNY (529th) and from Disney Productions for DONALD DUCK (531st). We have already received permission for BUGS BUNNY and a letter has been written to Disney for the same purpose. We expect approval.
  3. The quoted cost to us is $6.50 per each for each separate patch or a total of (5)(50)(6.50)=$1625.00 total.
  4. We would probably have to charge $10.00 each for them and sell at least half to break-even on them.

The question we must all answer is: "Is there enough desire for these patches on the part of our members and their families and friends to justify the expense of stocking these patches?" We would very much appreciate your expressing to us your desire for the patches, and your feeling for the viability of this proposal. Please write. Thank you very much!

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