Bomb Group

380th Bomb Group Association



November 8-12, 2000


Photo credits are given in parentheses after captions

San Antonio:
1. The Menger (taken by Barb Gotham) The Menger Hotel, San Antonio

2. The Alamo (Gotham) The Alamo, San Antonio

3. Riverwalk (Joe Dally) Riverwalk, San Antonio

Lackland Air Force Base, 11/9:
4. Graduation Parade (Gotham) Graduation Parade, Lackland AFB
5. Colors and Troops Forward (Joe Burdick) Colors and Troops Forward, Graduation Ceremony, Lackland AFB
6. 380th Group Members (Gotham) 380th Group Members, Graduation Ceremony, Lackland AFB
7. Syl and Alice Nemcek (Burdick) Syl & Alice Nemcek; Graduation Ceremony, Lackland AFB
8. Isabel & Ted Williams, Barb Gotham (Burdick) Ted & Isabel Williams, Barb Gotham; Graduation Ceremony, Lackland AFB
9. Joe & Ruth Wells (Burdick) Joe & Ruth Wells; Graduation Ceremony, Lackland AFB
10. Marian Hritz, Annabelle & Jim Scalese (Burdick) Marian Hritz, Annabelle & Jim Scalese; Graduation Ceremony,
Lackland AFB
11. Joe Burdick, Clyde Packer, John Shultz, Ann Debevec (Burdick) Joe Burdick, Clyde Packer, John Shultz, Ann Debevec;
Graduation Ceremony, Lackland AFB
12. Lyle Sears (Burdick) Lyle Sears; Graduation Ceremony, Lackland AFB
13. "Plastic" B-24 (Ted Williams) [It seems like an abomination at first view, but remember, it is better than a "real" B-24 rusting away under the elements!] Plastic B-24, Lackland AFB

Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9:
14. Joe & Betty Maloney, Julie Zaph, James & Sara Bejoian, Slim Powers, Mike & Mike Jr. Maresca (Gotham) Maloney, Zaph, Bejoian, Powers, Maresca; Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9
15. Campbell Family -- Doris & John Campbell, Jan & Charles Balch (Joe Maloney) Campbell Family; Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9
16. Chuck Parrott, Dave Olson, Steve Olson, Chris Grover (Gotham) Parrott, Olson, Grover; Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9
17. Lloyd Fry, William & Kathlee Butts, Georgia & Topper Toepperwein, Bill LaFlech (Gotham) Fry, Butts, Toepperwein, Laflech; Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9
18. Annabelle Scalese, Les & Betty Kelly, Lois & Walter Hill, John Annesser, Marian Hritz, Karen Jacobs (Gotham) Scalese, Kelly, Hill, Annesser, Hritz, Jacobs; Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9
19. Betty Swanson, Eunice Callaghan, Joe & Irene Dally, Gail & Marilyn Stephenson (Gotham) Swanson, Callaghan, Dally, Stephenson; Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9
20. The Piano Man, aka Jim Bejoian (Gotham) James Bejoian; Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9
21. Ila Muchow, Marjorie Smith, Marlys & Joe Chutich, Jim & Jeanne Meredith, Janie & Ray Oeth, Bob Muchow (Gotham) Muchow, Smith, Chutich, Meredith, Oeth; Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9
22. Dee Smith, Evelyn & Fig Figueroa, Viola Peterson, Jim Smith, Gladys Brandt, Don Oatman (Gotham) Smith, Figueroa, Peterson, Smith, Brandt, Oatman; Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9
23. Bill Sloane, Fritz Schmitz, Joe & Irma Brooks (Gotham) Sloane, Schmitz, Brooks; Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9
24. Isabel & Ted Williams, Ruth & Joe Wells (Gotham) Williams, Wells; Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9
25. Jean & Virgil Stevens, Russ & Tiny Brooks, Donna & Loyd Oakes, Pat & Bob Alford, Bill Brew, Leonard Slama (Gotham) Stevens, Brooks, Oakes, Alford, Brew, Slama; Get-Acquainted Dinner, The Menger, 11/9

Memorial Service, Randolph Air Force Base, Lunch at Officers Club, 11/10:
26. Chapel, after Memorial Service (Burdick) Chapel; Randolph Air Force Base, 11/10
27. Entering Officers Club (Gotham) Officers Club; Randolph Air Force Base, 11/10
28. Waiting for lunch (Gotham) Waiting for lunch, Officers Club; Randolph Air Force Base, 11/10
29. Schoenemann Family -- Brian, Nikki, Ozzie, Mary, Klayton Burrows, Debbie (Burdick) Schoenemann Family; Randolph Air Force Base, 11/10
30. Shultz Family -- Catherine Rein, Linda Childers, Jenny, John Jr., John Sr., Lisa, Mike, Donna (Burdick) Shultz Family; Randolph Air Force Base, 11/10

Fort Sam Houston, Veterans Day Ceremonies, 11/11:
31. Highlanders (Gotham) Highlanders; Fort Sam Houston, 11/11
32. Barb & Doug Gotham (Dally) Barb & Doug Gotham; Fort Sam Houston, 11/11
33. Flag at half-mast (Gotham) Flag at half-mast; Fort Sam Houston, 11/11
34. Ted Williams, speaking to the crowd (Pete Burris) Ted Williams; Fort Sam Houston, 11/11
35. Balloons released when flag was raised (Gotham) Balloons; Fort Sam Houston, 11/11
36. Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (Gotham) National Cemetery; Fort Sam Houston, 11/11

Dinner/Dance, The Menger Ballrooms, 11/11:
37. Pat Carnevale (Maloney) Pat Carnevale; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
38. Joan Pounsett, Donna Oakes, Loyd Oakes, Gladys Brandt, Viola Peterson, Cal Killingsworth (Phil Shaw) Pounsett, Oakes, Brandt, Peterson, Killingsworth; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
39. George & Jessie Poy, Marilyn & Gail Stephenson, Betty Swanson (Gotham) Poy, Stephenson, Swanson; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
40. Emil & Dorothy Smolek, Alma & Byron Moore, George & Chris Gerard (Gotham) Smolek, Moore, Gerard; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
41. "Slim" Powers and John Lardin (Maloney) Powers & Lardin; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
42. Joe Burdick, Anna Debevec, Clyde Packer, Janie Oeth (Maloney) Burdick, Debevec, Packer, Oeth; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
43. Marjorie & Bob Smith (Maloney) Marjorie & bob Smith; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
44. Viola Peterson and Glad Brandt (Maloney) Viola Peterson and Glad Brandt; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
45. Maloney Family -- Bob & Anne Watson, K.C. Watson, Betty & Joe Maloney (Maloney) Maloney Family; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
46. Marian Robinson and Lloyd Fry (Maloney) Marian Robinson & Lloyd Fry; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
47. Marie Johnson and Robert "Andy" Anderson (Burdick) Marie Johnson & Andy Anderson; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
48. Jeanne & Jim Meredith, Ray & Janie Oeth (Maloney) Mereidth & Oeth; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
49. Gwen & Glenn Horton (Maloney) Gwen & Glenn Horton; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
50. Helen Thompson and Tom Hunt (Gotham) Helen Thompson & Tom Hunt; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
51. Irene & Joe Dally and John Miller (Maloney) Dally & Miller; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
52. Dexter Baker, Slim Powers, Jack Banks (Shaw) Baker, Powers, Banks; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
53. The Band (Shaw) The Band; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
54. Dexter Baker, Jr., Dexter Baker, Sr., Mike Maresca, Mike Maresca, Jr., Ray Banks, Jack Banks, Jr., Gregory Baker, Jack Banks (Shaw) Baker, Maresca, Banks; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
55. Shaw Family -- Steve & Patti Ludwig, Phil Shaw, Travis Hage (Shaw) Shaw Family; Dinner/Dance, 11/11
56. Many still had plenty of energy left to dance Saturday night! (Gotham) Dancers; Dinner/Dance, 11/11

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