Dayton, Ohio

October 3-7, 2001


Photos provided courtesy of

Barbara Gotham

Note: Captions are provided as supplied by Mrs. Gotham; if any information is wrong, please send email to: barb@purdue.edu; we will appreciate any help we can get!

380th Memorial Plaque, Wright Patterson Air Force Museum Memorial Garden
380th Memorial Plaque

5th Air Force Memorial, Wright Patterson Air Force Museum Memorial Garden
5th Air Force Memorial

Memorial Service at the 380th Memorial Plaque,
Wright Patterson Air Force Museum Memorial Garden

At the 380th Memorial Plaque 380th Memorial Plaque Ceremony
Gathering for the ceremony 380th Memorial Plaque Ceremony
Ted Williams addressing the group CHAP-TED
Posting of the Colors by the VFW Color Guard POSTCLR
Chaplain Parrish CHAPLAIN
VFW Color Guard VFWCLR
Bugler, S/Sgt Jay Haplin, of the USAF Band of Flight BUGLER

Wright Patterson Air Force Museum
Elmer Bryant, Frank Boudreau, Doug Boudreau Elmer Bryant

Exhibits at Wright Patterson Air Force Museum
B-17, Shoo Shoo Shoo BABY B-17
Queue awaiting special tour of our B-24 B-24 Queue
B-29, Bockscar A-20
F82G, Twin Mustang, Betty Jo A-20

Lunch at Wright Patterson Air Force Museum

Hospitality Room at the Marriott
Hospitality Room

Carillon Carillon

Welcome Dinner
Cliff Neve, Guest Speaker

Teresa Hice & Joe Burdick BURDICK
Marie & Andy Anderson, Clare & Lyle Sears ANDERSON
Margaret Rodriguez and Tom Casey CASEY
Jim Bejoian BEJOIAN
Ron Henderson, Lawrence & Lana Gardner, Marvin A. Gardner, Fran Allen, Marvin E. Gardner, Harry Bandow, Bryan & Kathleen Clements GARDNER
George Stevenson, Jimmie Lou Kroes, Leonard Kroes KROES
Leonard & Jimmie Lou Kroes, George Stevenson, Paul & Barbara Beilstein, Bill & Sylvia Gordon, Louis & Irene Lanners, Sylvester & Alice Nemcek KROES-2
Kroes Crew: Leonard Kroes, George Stevenson, Paul Beilstein, Bill Gordon, Louis Lanners, Sylvester Nemcek Kroes KROES-3
Marie & Dave Lehigh LEHIGH
Eileen Mason, Mary Peachey, Charles Mason, Bob Peachey, Marv Gardner, Slim Powers Slim
Chris & George Gerards, Andrea & Don Smolek, Elma & Byron Moore, Emil & Dorothy Smolek Table 10
Bob English, Margaret Snodgrass, Irene & Joe Dally, Glenn Horton, Harold Clapsaddle, Gwen Horton Table 12
Lee Allshouse, Bea Thompson, Gail & Johnny Thomas, Terry Gaddis, Eugene & Winogene Gaddis Table 14
Bud Offerle, Geoff Paddock, Kathleen Offerle, Jim Bejoian, Jean & Virgil Stevens, Louis & Mioduszewski Table 15
Larry & Jeanne Farnum, Cliff & Georgia Toepperwein, Margaret & Bob Johnston, Pete Burris Table 16
Ramona & Harry Talbott, Elmer Bryant, Frank Boudreau, Bonnie Bryant, Bonnie Boudreau, Loren Brunner, Doug Boudreau Table 17
Richard & Olga Bill, Paul & Jean Rafeld, Imogene & Warren Goodrich, Werner & Ruth Homuth Table 18
Roscoe Ingle, William Bever, Robert DiDomenico, John Miller, Colin Campbell, Bill Butts, Bill & Sharon LaFlech Table 19
Carl & Helen Borgstrom, Terry & Terry Snyder, Steve Borgstrom Table 20
Donna Crowell, Anne Debevec, Jean & Bob Garn, Pam Nunn Table 2
Joe Wells, Isabel & Ted Williams, Pat Carnevale, Barb Gotham, Cliff Neve, Tom Hunt Table 4
Niles & Chris Grover, John Annesser, Marian Hritz, Russ & Verna McCrea, Jim & Annabelle Scalese Table 6
George Poy, Dick & Claire Benson, Gail & Marilyn Stephenson, Loyd & Donna Oakes, Jessie Poy Table 7
Ozzie Schoenemann, Robert Winters, Dorothy Winters, Mary Schoenemann, Debby & Kim Campbell, Brian & Nikki Schoenmann Table 9
Joe Wells, Tom Hunt, Cliff Neve, Jack Banks, Ray Banks WELLS
Isabel & Ted Williams Williams

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