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September 6-9, 2007

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General Information:

Doubletree Dayton-Downtown, Dayton, Ohio

Reunion dates: September 6-9 (depart on September 9th)

Lodging: Doubletree Dayton Downtown, 11 South Ludlow, Dayton, Ohio, USA 45402

Please make your own reservations by calling the hotel directly at 937-461-4700 - or contact Barb Gotham with your lodging information, and she will contact the hotel for you.  (Our reserved block expired on August 17th.)

For more information on the hotel:

Tel: +1-937-461-4700 Fax: +1-937-461-6981
Check-In: 3:00PM - Check-Out: 12:00PM

Valet Parking: $9.00

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (subject to change, final agenda will be provided at registration)


     1:00 - 5:00 PM   Registration in hospitality room

      Sightseeing and dinner on own           

        Hospitality room open in afternoon and evening


      7:00 AM                  Meet in hotel lobby to board buses

      8:00 - 9:00 AM         Tour of B-24 at AF Museum* (transportation provided from hotel)

      9:30 - 10:30 AM       Memorial Service at WPAFB Chapel

                                       (depart from AF Museum, transportation provided)

      11:30 AM                 Buffet Luncheon at Twin Base Civilian Golf Course

                                       (depart from Chapel, transportation provided)

      1: 00 - 5:00 PM        AF Museum (transportation provided from luncheon)

        Return to hotel (transportation provided from both luncheon & museum)

       Hospitality room open in afternoon and in evening

       Dinner on own


      9:30 - 10:30 AM       Member meeting (all attendees are welcome)

      Afternoon                  Sightseeing on own; hospitality room open until 4:00 PM

      5:00 PM                   Cocktails (cash bar)

      6:30 - 8:00 PM         Dinner

      8:00 - 11:00 PM        Music and dancing

Sunday                          Departure

*A professional photographer will be at the Museum at 7:45 AM Friday to take member and family photos (for a fee).


John Carroll's (529th, RAAF) grandson, Ethan Krok, will be attending the reunion (with John and other family members).  Ethan is working on a video documentary based on John's book of memoirs during the war, and would like to videotape attending veterans to hear their stories.

Taking Photos at This Reunion:

For those of you who plan to take photos at the Reunion for submission to the October 2007 issue of THE FLYING CIRCUS, please take note:

If you use a digital camera, you can send us JPG files (either by mail or by email). If you are able to get prints on a CD, those would be welcomed also (these last two methods don't involve scanning the actual photographs and are easier to manage). However, any print photos you send us are most welcomed!

You can send your photos to:

Barbara Gotham, 130 Colony Road, West Lafayette, IN 47906-1209
Email: 380th.ww2@gmail.com

Please get them to Barb before October 15 to allow plenty of time to get them into the October 2007 issue (to be mailed out in late October).

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Web links to local attractions can be found on the Doubletree Dayton website.


Firstname Lastname Sqdn
Gene Stadler 530th
Ruth Stadler 530th
Wayne Olson 530th
Dorothy Rull 530th
Barb Matusz 530th
Lloyd Fry 529th
Joe Brooks 528th
Irma Brooks 528th
Loyd Oakes 528th
Bill Randall 528th
Milt Markowitz 528th
Joan Murphy 529th
Brian Jeffries 529th
Ellen Jeffries 529th
Charles Taylor 530th
Bill Shek 528th
Diana Shek 528th
Curt Chamberlain 528th
Bill Bever 528th
Diane Whetstine 531st
Bud Offerle 529th
Kathleen Offerle 529th
Barb Gotham honorary
Doug Gotham honorary
George McKay 530th
Tom Van Nontwick 530th
Jan Campbell-Balch 531st
Butch Balch 531st
Slim Powers 528th
Kathleen McCulloch 528th
Jakarta Eckhart 528th
Tom Hunt 531st
Will Moran 528th
Michael Moran 528th
Bob Smith 529th
Larry Smith 529th
Cecelia Meade 531st
Scott Meade 531st
Ted Williams 531st
Isabel M Williams 531st
Elizabeth Williams McPherson 531st
Arvid Olson 528th
Mark Olson 528th
Gus Cameron 529th
John Carroll 529th
Anne Krok 529th
Ethan Krok 529th
Sam Leiner 531st
Miriam Leiner 531st
Glenn Horton 529th
Gwen Horton 529th
Doug Kohrt 531st
Barbara Kohrt 531st
Joe Wells 531st
Larry Wells 531st
Colleen Wells 531st
Margie Meyer 531st
Len Gronkowski 530th
Gary Gronkowski 530th
Martin Smith 529th
Diane Smith 529th
Katie Smith 529th
Pete LaLena 529th
Pete LaLena 529th
Steve LaLena 529th
Jim Elam 529th
Grace Killion 529th
George Lim (G.) Poy 531st
Jessie W. Poy 531st
Steven J. Kin 531st
Rosalyn L. Kin 531st
Melissa J. Kin 531st
Erica J. Kin 531st
Stevie J. Kin 531st
Marvin E. Gardner 531st
Marvin R. Gardner 531st
Marta Ann Love 531st
Roland Gardner 531st
Janet Gardner 531st
Bryan Clements 531st
Kathleen Clements 531st
John G Koller 531st
Helen I Koller 531st
Norma Lamicella 531st
Nick Lamicella 531st
Doris Campbell 531st
Richard Zapf 529th
Julie Zapf 529th
Jose L. Mora 529th
John W Jackson 531st
John A Jackson 531st
Albert Busedu 529th
Angie Hellwig 529th
Dennis Izzo 529th
Viola Peterson 528th
Gladys Brandt 528th
Dave Peck 531st
Jim Purzycki 531st
Lawrence Dwight Steele 529th
Lawrence Steele 529th
Dexter Baker Sr 528th
Dexter  Baker Jr 528th
Greg Baker 528th

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