380th Bomb Group Association

 ~ 2009 REUNION  ~

Savannah, Georgia

October 14-18, 2009

The 2009  380th Reunion was held in Savannah October 14-18.

Our thanks to the staff of the Holiday Inn Pooler for their friendliness and helpfulness to our group!

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Name Sqdn 380 Duty (Guest of)
Bill Shek 528 Son of William Shek, Acft Cmdr, Operations Officer
Diana Shek 528 Daughter of William Shek, Acft Cmdr, Operations Officer
Loyd Oakes 528 Bombardier, Synar Crew 
Bill Randall 528 (Loyd Oakes)
Hugh Cornwell 528 Airplane Armorer 
Dot Cornwell 528 (Hugh Cornwell)
Larry Cornwell 528 (Hugh Cornwell)
Nancy Cornwell 528 (Hugh Cornwell)
Walter Davis 528 Bombardier, Shaffer Crew 
Rob Davis 528 (Walter Davis)
Brad Davis 528 (Walter Davis)
Bill Bever 528 Son of Everett D. Bever, Bombardier, DiDomenico Crew 
Dexter Baker 528 Acft Cmdr, Baker Crew 
Dexter Baker, Jr. 528 (Dexter Baker)
Greg Baker 528 (Dexter Baker)
Phil Shaw 528 Acft Cmdr, Assistant Operations Officer, Shek Crew, Shaw Crew
Irene Lanners 529 Widow of Louis Lanners, Flt Eng, Kroes Crew
Jean Cator 529 (Irene Lanners)
Wayne Elliott 529 (Irene Lanners)
Carrie Elliott 529 (Irene Lanners)
Pete LaLena 529 Flt Eng, Swanson Crew 
Steve LaLena 529 (Pete LaLena)
Neil Williams 529 (Pete LaLena)
Pete LaLena 529 (Pete LaLena)
Al Busedu 529 Gunner, Deaner Crew 
Lloyd Fry 529 Acft Cmdr, Fry Crew
Joan Murphy 529 Widow of Frederick J. Murphy, Radio Opr, Deaner Crew 
Ellen Jeffries 529 (Frederick J. Murphy)
Brian Jeffries 529 (Frederick J. Murphy)
Marie Johnson-Anderson 531 Widow of Robert J. (Andy) Anderson, Pilot
Doris Mitchell 531 (Marie Johnson-Anderson)
Carlo Burdi 531 Gunner, Sear Crew 
Nettie Burdi 531 (Carlo Burdi)
Gail Marie Pantone 531 (Carlo Burdi)
Joseph Pantone 531 (Carlo Burdi)
Ted Williams 531 Navigator, Magee Crew
Isabel Williams 531 (Ted Williams)
Norma Lamicella 531 Daughter of Raymond Benedict, Gunner, Fowler Crew 
Nicholas Lamicella 531 (Norma Lamicella)
John Annesser 531 Operations Clerk-Typist 
Marian Hritz 531 (John Annesser)
Joe Wells 531 Asst Flt Eng, Gunner, Magee Crew 
Lyle Sears 531 Acft Cmdr, Sears Crew 
Clara Sears 531 (Lyle Sears)
Edward Walford 531 Navigator, Sears Crew 
Barbara Walford 531 (Ed Walford)
Diane Whetstine 531 Niece of Clyde Whetstine, Ground Staff
Cecelia Meade 531 Daughter of Walter "Red" Morrison, Hinman Crew
Scott Meade 531 (Cecelia Meade)
John Homan 531 (Cecelia Meade)
Megan Meade 531 (Cecelia Meade)
Christopher Meade 531 (Cecelia Meade)
Walter Allen 531 Acft Cmdr, Allen Crew 
Wayne Olson 530 Navigator, Lewis Crew 
George Lim Poy 531 Navigator, Benson Crew 
Jessie Wee Poy 531 (George Poy)
Dr. George Lim Poy, Jr. 531 (George Poy)
Gloria Poy 531 (George Poy)
Beverly L. Henes 531 (George Poy)
Dr. Steven J. Kin 531 (George Poy)
Rosalyn L. Kin 531 (George Poy)
Erica J. Kin 531 (George Poy)
Steven James Joe Kin 531 (George Poy)
Al Jansen 531 Gunner, Benson Crew 
Paulette Jansen 531 (Al Jansen)
Phillip Hall 531 Son of Calvin C. Hall, Gunner, Benson Crew 
Barbara Hall 531 (Phillip Hall)
Jennifer Turner 531 (Phillip Hall)
Barb Gotham Honorary (Ted Williams)
Doug Gotham Honorary (Ted Williams)


Wednesday, October 14 -

Registration 1:00-5:00 PM, dinner on own, hospitality room open 1:00-11:00 PM

Thursday, October 15 -

7:00-9:30 AM -- Breakfast in "Pre-Function Room"

9:30 AM-1:30 PM -- Optional Paula Deen tour (includes tour, transportation, and noon lunch at Uncle Bubba's)

Registration and hospitality room open from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM and after welcome dinner until 11 PM

6:00 PM -- Welcome dinner in "Wisteria Room" (Cash bar at 5:30 PM)

Friday, October 16 -

7:00-9:00 AM -- Breakfast in "Pre-Function Room"

10:00-11:00 AM -- Trolleys depart for the Mighty 8th AF Museum

11:00-11:30 AM -- Memorial Service at Chapel of the Fallen Eagles, at the 8th AF Museum

11:30 AM-1:00 PM -- Luncheon in the Art Gallery at the 8th AF Museum

1:00-2:00 PM -- Trolleys return to hotel for those wishing to return after lunch

1:00-3:30 PM -- Group Tours of the 8th AF Museum

3:00-4:00 PM -- Trolleys return to hotel from 8th AF Museum

Hospitality room open from 1:30-11:00 PM

Dinner -- on own

Saturday, October 17 -

7:00-9:00 AM -- Breakfast in "Pre-Function Room"

9:00 AM -- Group meeting/presentations in Hospitality Room 407

Afternoon -- Optional tours on own; hospitality room open 11:00 AM-3:30 PM

4:30 PM -- Cocktails (cash bar) in the area in front of "The Garden Room"

5:00 PM -- Dinner and dancing ("The Garden Room")

Sunday, October 18 - Departure


All guest rooms are smoke-free. 

There are several trolley tour companies offering various sightseeing packages in Savannah:  architecture, black heritage, ghosts, Civil War, land & sea, coastal heritage, maritime -- as well as walking and riverboat tours.  Fort Pulaski, Old Fort Jackson, beaches, and Tybee Island are nearby.

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