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U.S. Air Force Academy Memorial Cemetery
Colorado Springs, Colorado

June 18, 2001


On Monday morning, June 18, 2001, 32 of us -- members, families and friends -- gathered in the Academy Cemetery of the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to rededicate our plaque honoring our deceased compatriots. It had been recently moved at our request from its original place on another memorial wall at the cemetery to the one honoring the Fifth Air Force where it really belonged. It was truly a solemn and beautiful service, magnificently presented by the Academy staff.

We have included here the cover and program for the event, our attendance list alphabetically by family, and some pictures taken then. The pictures show Larry Farnum and Jack Banks unveiling the plaque; Ted Williams presenting the 'Gifting' or the presentation of the plaque to the Academy; Lt. Col. Daniel S. Yinger, a professor on the Academy staff, accepting the plaque with the thanks of the Academy and recounting our history; and, finally, a close-up view of the plaque itself.

Following the ceremony, Tom Hunt and his family entertained our group at the Kissing Camels Golf Club at the Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs, with its magnificent views of the Park and Pikes Peak. Truly a wonderful climax to a magnificent day!

We will have an album of pictures of the ceremony and the day for you to look through at the Reunion.

We are most grateful to the Academy and its staff, particularly Lt. Col. Daniel Yinger; Chaplain Capt. William F. Ziegler; Mr. Randolph J. Saunders, who arranged the ceremony; Ms. Teri Glavin, our original contact for the transfer; Mr. Connie Spence, who carried out the work; and all others concerned. We thank them very much.

Air Force Academy Program

Assemble, 9:45 a.m. -- USAF Academy Cemetery, 5th Air Force Memorial Wall Welcome
Posting of Colors and National Anthem (USAFA Honor Guard)
Invocation (Chaplain, Capt. William F. Ziegler)
Gifting (Theodore J. Williams)
Acceptance (Lt. Col. Dan Yinger, USAF)
380th Bombardment Group History
Moment of Silence
Benediction (Chaplain, Capt. William F. Ziegler)
 Cover of USAFA Program  USAFA Program


Dexter K. Baker
Jack R. Banks
Thomas L. Casey
Jeanne Farnum
Larry B. Farnum
Dolores Foster
Donald Foster
Marvin E. Gardner
Thomas M. Hunt
Anne M. Karr
Caitlin Creighton
McLean Karr (Academy Cadet)
Alice R. Marks
Murray C. Marks
Cindi Oatman
Donald Oatman
Betty Rader
John V. Rader
Marian Robinson
Lloyd A. Fry
Jean Stevens
Virgil H. Stevens
Gary H. Stolleman
Neal C. Stolleman
Barbara Walford
Edward T. Walford
Joseph H. Wells
Larry Wells
Isabel M. Williams
Elizabeth A. McPherson
Theodore J. Williams, Jr.
Theodore J. Williams, Sr.


 Unveiling the Plaque Larry Farnum and Jack Banks: Unveiling the Plaque
 The Gifting Ted Williams: "The Gifting"
 The Plaque The Plaque
 Accepting the Plaque Lt. Col. Daniel S. Yinger: Accepting the Plaque



United States Air Force Academy Cemetery: It can be reached by exiting Interstate 25 at the north entrance to the Academy and proceeding west past the guard post, continuing approximately one-half mile to Stadium Boulevard. After turning south on this road, proceed a short distance to Parade Loop and turn west, continuing 0.4 miles. The cemetery is on the north side of the road.

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US Air Force
Academy Map

USAFA Cemetery Layout

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