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380th Bomb Group Association
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The 380th Bomb Group Association was formed to help us:

  1. To discover, record and preserve the history of the 380th Bomb Group (H).
  2. Provide means to let members of the 380th Bomb Group (H), their families, friends and other interested persons maintain contact with their compatriots, and learn more of the heritage of the 380th through:

  1. A Quarterly Newsletter
  2. Annual or Biennial Reunions
  3. Research studies of the details of the history of the 380th

  1. A Roster of All Wartime Members (completed)

  2. Details of the History of the Individual Aircraft of the 380th
  3. (completed)

  4. An Overall Compilation of the Combat Missions of the 380th
  5. (to be done)

  6. This Internet website

It takes the place of our previous organization, the 380th Bombardment Group Association that carried out many of these functions over the period 1983-1999.  The current association was started in 1999 and continues today.

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