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A Detailed History of the 380th Bombardment Group (H)
in World War II


This roster has been prepared to insure the remembrance of all those personnel who served with the 380th Bombardment Group (Heavy), Fifth Bomber Command, 5th Air Force, Far East Air Forces, USAAF, during World War II. In this work the group will be represented by the terms 380th Bomb Group (H), 380 Bomb Group, 380th, or Group for brevity. The roster has been prepared under the auspices of the 380th Bomb Group Association, Inc., the organization of wartime veterans of service in the 380th Bomb Group and their families and associates. Australian veterans who served with or worked with the 380th are also welcomed as members of the Association.

It takes many people, skilled in a wide variety of different tasks, to staff a heavy bombardment group. While the flight crews who man the planes on their battle missions receive the glory and take the risks of combat, many others, behind the scenes at the home air base of the group, must repair and service the planes, and carry out all the other operations that allow an organization the size of a small city to survive anywhere in the world. Everyone who has contributed to the mission of the Group needs to be recognized in discussing the service and history of the 380th Bomb Group. That is the task the authors have set for themselves in preparing this roster. Everyone from the Group Commanding Officer to the Squadron Mail Room Clerk must be named and recognized for his part in making the 380th Bomb Group the success that it was in the Pacific in World War II.




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Last updated: 13 August 2015