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We have established the following ground rules in preparing this listing:

  1. It should be as complete as practicable, i.e., find all the data we possibly can with reasonable effort covering each airplane.

  2. Give as much detail as possible on each airplane, as carried in the extant records.

  3. Present material as it is listed in the records. We want this document to be as true to the WWII period as possible.

The material presented on each airplane includes the following:

  1. A Summary Sheet of the history of each plane. We are indebted to Al Blue, noted historian of the B-24 Liberator, for information from his extensive files concerning manufacturing and early deployment history of each plane.

  2. The names of the Ground Crew assigned to that particular airplane when it exists in available records. Here we are indebted to Glenn and Gary Horton who developed much of this data for their excellent histories of the 380th. An associate volume lists all of these personnel as a group as extracted from the Part I Roster of the 380th published by us earlier. [See Part VII (forthcoming).]

  3. A chronological listing of all the missions flown by each aircraft as derived from the mission planning documents of the 380th as held by the National Archives. Where possible, these are supplemented by the Unit Histories maintained by the U.S. Air Force Historical Research Center. These latter are not complete, however.

  4. One or more pictures illustrating the name and "nose art" given to the plane by its aircrew and/or ground crew. In some cases, several different names were applied to the plane by successive groups of air or ground staff who worked with it.

Every attempt has been made to get permission to use photographs, drawings, information, etc., when the sources were known. If copyrighted material appears here, please let us know so permission can be requested and credit given.

If you have any photos, corrections, or other information to add to this history, please send email to Barbara Gotham at 380th.ww2@gmail.com or use our Comment Form.

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