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Newsletter 34 ~ Spring 2008


These photos were submitted by Dave Sieber, RAAF, Australia



Two 531st Squadron B-24s

Photos from C.W. Boatwright, these are photos of his father, Carroll Boatwright

Carroll W. Boatwright

531st Squadron - Ground Staff, Supply Sgt



At Mindoro


Lt. Everett Bever is on the right, holding his pet dog, Tiny.
It is unknown who the other two officers are on the left.
And, of course, there is a dead kangaroo propped up in the chair with a hat on appearing to be a poker player!
Submitted by Bill Bever

Photos here submitted by Steve Conway, Associate, 529th Squadron, son of F. Richard Conway, Pilot, Toepperwein's Crew (17)

Conway, McManus


SSgt Howard W Gross, MIA
Mar 8 1944

Campana, OHorn, Perry, Bieber, Kopel, Gross


Ops Clerks Baron, Cordell, Barnhill, Elliott, Humphries

Miller, Robertson, Melton, and Lee



Chaussee, Conway, Toeperwein, Gordon

Lt Toepperwein, Sept 15 1943


Sgt Clarence H Bieber, MIA
Mar 8, 1944

Capt William Hubbard, Flight Surgeon


Hudson, Bilotti, Poole, Swartz

Lt Charlie Chaver, POW
Jan 19 1944


Fr Leonard Katchinski


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