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NEWSLETTER #34 -- Spring 2008

Topics for this Newsletter:


2008 Reunion

Reunion Fund / Future Reunions Update

Featured Crew Photos

Sears Crew (531st)
Blum Crew (531st)
Finlayson Crew (531st)

Mail Call

Photo Gallery

Then and Now

Carlo J. Burdi
Louis N. Lanners, Jr.
Horace Paul Eisenhard

Story:  Long Ago and Far Away

Web Links

Women's History Project


New Newsletter Features:

"Featured Crew" - Please provide a photo of your crew (air crew or ground crew) along with names of those pictured. When space permits, more than one crew can be featured per issue.

"Photo Gallery" - A suggestion has been made for an ongoing photo gallery, where the vets or family members could submit WWII photos from their collections to be published in each issue. Please send in your photos!

"Then and Now" - It is always interesting to see photos of people "then" (in our case, during the war) and how they look now!  Send in your photos!

"Web Links" - Links will be included for websites of interest to or related to the 380th Bomb Group.

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