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August 15, 2006

The 380th Bomb Group Memorial Plaque was  the first of many to be installed in the 5th Air Force Memorial Garden being installed in front of the Memorial Chapel at the Hill Air Force Museum at Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, Utah.

CWO4 James M. Chastain, Jr. (USAF Retired), Custodian and Guide of the Memorial Chapel and the 5th Air Force Memorial Garden, along with Col. Nathan Mazer (USAF Retired) of the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah, Mr. Robert E. Lindquist, President of Lindquist Mortuaries, who made the plaque, and Mr. Scott Wirz, Director of the Museum, have developed the planning for the 5th Air Force Memorial. Mr. Chastain has installed the plaque in the garden as noted in the following pictures and decorated it for Memorial Day.

Memorial Day, 2006

Here are the photographs of the Memorial Garden and our plaque. Museum staff decorated the Memorial Garden for Memorial Day; therefore, the photos with the flags are from that celebration.



Our plaque is above, left; the 5th AF plaque is at the right, bottom on this photo.  The 5th AF plaque reads LEST WE FORGET.




The Dedication of the 380th Plaque at the developing 5th Air Force Memorial Garden in front of the Chapel at the Hill Air Force Base Museum, Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, Utah, occurred at 11:00 AM, Tuesday, August 15th.


Welcome and Origin of the Plaque

Invocation and Dedication (Chaplain Maj. Carl Wright)

Moment of Silence

Unveiling of the Plaque (Mrs. Rader, Mrs. McPherson)


Benediction (Chaplain Maj. Carl Wright)

Retiring of Colors

Prior to the Unveiling

Posting the Colors

Unveiling the Plaque

The Plaque

Chaplain Carl Wright:  Invocation, Dedication, Benediction
Left to Right:  Tom Hill, Marvin Gardner, John Rader,
Curt Chamberlain, Tom Hunt, Ted Williams (reading address),
Chaplain Major Carl Wright, Betty Rader, Elizabeth Williams McPherson


Chaplain Wright greeting 380th Members Chaplain Wright greeting Dedication Guests

Curt Chamberlain, Tom Hunt, Ted Williams, Marvin Gardner

Chaplain Wright, Jim Chastain, Ted Williams




Retiring the Colors

380th Plaque Chapel and Memorial Garden
Luncheon after Dedication
Curt Chamberlain, Ted Williams, Marvin Gardner, Jim Chastain Marvin Gardner, Jim Chastain

ORIGIN OF THE MEMORIAL (Welcome by Ted Williams)

On September 20, 2002, we had our Memorial Service for our Salt Lake City Reunion here at this Chapel. We also visited their museum to specifically see their partially renovated B-24 Liberator.

Last year on September 2nd I again had business in Salt Lake City, and on that trip visited here to check up on progress on the Liberator. Unfortunately, there was none and the pessimism of the staff was very high.

I then visited the Chapel and met Jim Chastain and noted that since our last visit here the Chapel had been taken over by our 8th Air Force compatriots, as you can see when you visit it today.

Jim and I had a long talk about the 8th Air Force taking over and what we might do for the 5th. He stated he had a goal of establishing a 5th Air Force Memorial Grove in front of the Chapel and wanted to have memorials placed there from all of the 5th Air Force units. I promised that if he decided to do this the 380th would purchase the first spot.

Later last fall he called to say that they had decided to pursue this and wanted to know if we were still interested. I said we were and proposed the plaque before you as our contribution. We contracted with Mr. Robert Lindquist's Foundry to make it and it was delivered in March, installed by Jim and his associates in April and, as you know from THE FLYING CIRCUS quarterly, brightly decorated for Memorial Day by Jim.

I want to personally thank Mr. Curt Chamberlain and Mr. Thomas M. Hunt of the 380th Association for their generous donation of funds for this. I had previously intended to use some of our organizational funds for it, but their donations made this unnecessary. I want to thank Mr. Chastain and his associates most sincerely for their organization of the 5th Air Force Circle as it is now called and for taking care of our plaque installation. I also want to thank Mr. Lindquist for his workmanship on the memorial and all of our associates for being with us today.

Thank you all very much. Ted Williams

Below is the design for our plaque to be placed in the Fifth Air Force Memorial Garden on the lawn of the Memorial Chapel at Hill Air Force Base Museum. Members who attended the Salt Lake City Reunion will remember that we visited that Museum and had our Memorial Service at that Chapel.

You will also recall that we discussed this memorial marker for the 380th Bomb Group at the Business Meeting during our San Diego Reunion.

The line on this figure is a defect in their copying machine, not a defect in the design.

Two points should be called to your attention. A dedication date of September 1988 is already on the plaque. This is the Wright Patterson Memorial Garden date. Since our plaque is copied from the former because Ted Williams asked them to use that wording and since our dedication date was not yet set at the time it was poured, we decided to use that date, since the inscription otherwise is the same.

Originally we had wanted the plaque on an axis from the Chapel to the Museum. However, they wanted to align it with the sun dial itself, i.e., North-South, and we agreed. This latter would be more symbolic than the former request.

This plaque is somewhat larger than the Wright Field one, being 14" x 14" on a 19" x 19" granite slab. Wright Patterson's is 11" x 12" on a 15" x 15" slab.



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