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Recently reported TAPS (Reported 2021)

Reported in Newsletter #71 (February 2021)

528th: Hennelly, James J., Gunner, Steinkamp's Crew (1), Sullivan's Crew (15), DOD November 9, 1997, Yonkers, New York, reported by his grandson, James W. Hennelly

528th/RAAF: McCallum, Colin, Bombardier, Miller's Crew (20), DOD January 4, 1996, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia, reported by his son, Bruce McCallum

528th: McClain, Robert L., Gunner, Rupp's Crew (21), DOD March 20, 2020, Reserve, Louisiana (renal failure and COVID-19), reported by his daughter, Rev Dr Margaret M. Weems

528th: Sullivan, James T. ("Mike"), Aircraft Commander, Sullivan's Crew (15), DOD October 15, 2018, Weymouth, Massachusetts, reported by his daughter, Maire Sullivan Young

529th: Beilstein, Barbara, wife of Paul Beilstein (Bombardier, Kroes Crew), DOD February 5, 2021, Penn Valley, California, reported by her husband, Paul (who is the last surviving member of this crew)

529th: Clark, Byron W., Flight Engineer, Sinnott's Crew, DOD December 24, 2020, Montpelier, Ohio, reported by his son, Alan Clark; Clark, Norma D. Whitney, wife of Byron W. Clark, DOD June 8, 2009

529th: Schwarz, Joseph A., Flight Engineer, Guy's Crew, DOD November 29, 2007, Port Orange, Florida, reported by his son, Michael Schwarz; Schwarz, Jean, widow of Joseph A. Schwarz, DOD July 2020

529th: Warzecha, Stanley J., Gunner, Trimble's Crew (26), DOD February 17, 1995, Highland, Michigan (prostrate cancer), reported by his grandson, Nathaniel Banks; Warzecha, Bernice, widow of Stanley Warzecha, DOD August 20, 2002

530th: Berry, Robert C., Ground Staff, Squadron Gunnery Officer, Training Aids Officer, DOD September 4, 2002, Melbourne, Florida, returned newsletter; Berry, Eleanor W., widow of Robert C. Berry, DOD December 25, 2005

530th: Tucker, Herbert R., Radio Operator, Bevers Crew (52), DOD September 21, 1980, Northville, Michigan, reported by his daughter, JoAnne Tucker Nowakawski

531st: Berrellez, Joseph (AKA Jose), Radio Operator, Hicken's Crew (114), DOD July 30, 2020, Oxnard, California, reported by his son, John Berrellez; Berrellez, Margarita, widow of Joseph Berrellez, DOD August 29, 2020

531st: Johnson, William F., Jr., Radio Operator, Perry Crew, DOD February 24, 1976, Smithtown, New York, reported by his son, William F. Johnson III

531st: Martinez, Maclovio ("Mack"), Gunner, Magee Crew (91), DOD January 19, 2021, Flagstaff, Arizona (COVID-19), reported by Stephen Wassner (Mack was the last surviving member of this crew); Martinez, Vera, wife of Mack Martinez, DOD June 22, 2017

531st: McCabe, Louis F., Jr., Bombardier, Minck's Crew (115), DOD January 14, 2021, Ambler, Pennsylvania (COVID-19), reported by his daughter, Colleen Serencsits

531st: Noyes, Howard E., Navigator, Fowler's Crew (96), DOD November 7, 2019, Midlothian, Virginia, returned newsletter

531st/RAAF: Gillespie, Adam Forsyth, A/C Commander, Gillespie Crew (94), DOD August 10, 2005, Pymble, NSW, Australia, reported in B-24 Liberator Squadrons of Australia newsletter #75 (April 2006)

531st/RAAF: Hiscock, K(en) Geoffrey Hiscock, Bombardier, Gillespie Crew's (94), DOD April 2012, Australia, reported by Jane Gillespie Hutton

Reported in Newsletter #72 (June 2021)

528th - Conover, John E., Gunner, Adams (12)/Bruce (NL) Crews, DOD June 19, 2011, Centerport, New York, reported by his daughter, Monica Conover-Tehomilic

528th - Conover, Gloria, Widow of John E. Conover, DOD March 13, 2014, Centerport, New York, reported by her daughter, Monica Conover-Tehomilic

528th - Shepardson, Richard F., Radio Operator, Grenfel Crew (2), DOD September 28, 1973, Springfield, Massachusetts, reported by his grandson, Richard G. Shepardson

528th - Sullivan, James T. ("Mike"), Aircraft Commander, Sullivan's Crew (15), DOD October 15, 2018, Dorchester, Massachusetts, reported by his daughter, Maire Sullivan Young

529th/RAAF - Ford, William James, RCM Operator, Various Crews (DOD and other information forthcoming from Desley and Betty Morgan)

529th - Anderson, Stewart A., Gunner, VanWormer's Crew (45), DOD July 28, 1973, Danbury, Connecticut, reported by his son, Jeff Anderson

529th - Andrews, Albert Laslie ("Bert"), Flight Engineer, Rollings' Crew (31), Long's Crew (NL); Ground Staff, Engineering, Maintenance Crew Chief, DOD September 25, 2014, Marianna, Florida, reported by Edward Rogers

529th - Hawthorne, J.D. Frank ("Buddy"), Gunner, Wells/Thornton's Crew (19), DOD August 29, 1944, flying accident on July 5, 1944, subsequently captured and executed by Japanese (correction of previous entry), reported by R. Wade Brown

529th - Mickler, Dr. Frederick Troupe, Jr., Bombardier (no crew assigned; war ended while he was enroute to 380th), DOD November 28, 2020, Dowling Park, Florida, online search due to returned newsletter

529th - Mickler, Beverly Patterson, wife of Dr. Frederick T. Mickler, Jr., DOD September 26, 2009, Dowling Park, Florida, online search due to returned newsletter

529th - Shaver, Charles Henry, Navigator, VanWormer's Crew (45), DOD March 8, 1997, Chesterfield, Virginia, reported by Jeff Anderson

530th - Miller Fred W., Commanding Officer, DOD December 23, 1989, Phoenix, Arizona; originally reported by Jack Bratton; obit below recently submitted by Edward Rogers

530th - Robertson, Earl A., Navigator, Hamrick's Crew (58), DOD March 8, 2015, Hyannis, Massachusetts, reported by his daughter, Claire J. Forbes

531st - Whittington, Gordie, Flight Engineer, Bates' Crew (89), DOD May 5, 2009, Centreville, Mississippi, online search due to returned newsletter

Reported in Newsletter #73 (October 2021)

528th - Allan, John W., Navigator, Kunz's Crew (5), DOD January 1, 2017, Angleton, Texas, reported by Dick Wood, Find a Grave website

528th - Cutler, Don Earl, Gunner, Tiffany's Crew, DOD February 12, 1985, Blue Springs, Missouri, reported by Bill Brew, Find a Grave website

528th - Failla, Sam G., Jr., Flight Engineer, Kunz's Crew (5), DOD March 12, 2008, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, reported by Dick Wood, Find a Grave website

528th - Hancock, Samuel O., Radio Operator, Tiffany's Crew, DOD December 11, 2000, Herrin, Illinois, reported by Bill Brew, Find a Grave website

528th - James, Vincent T., Bombardier, Kunz's Crew (5), DOD 1975-1985, Columbus, Ohio area, reported by Dick Wood

528th - Lilge, George P., Gunner, Tiffany's Crew, DOD January 6, 1979, Kendall, Michigan, reported by Bill Brew, Find a Grave website

528th - Lobosco, Angelo M., Flight Engineer, Tiffany's Crew, DOD January 14, 2017, Totowa, New Jersey, reported by Bill Brew, Ancestry website

528th - Shaw, Phillip A., Jr., Pilot, Shek's Crew (7), Aircraft Commander, Shaw's Crew (9), Assistant Operations Officer, DOD July 21, 2021, Austin, Texas, reported by his daughter

528th - Sheehan, George J., Pilot, Tiffany's Crew, DOD April 19, 1996, Altoona, Pennsylvania, reported by Bill Brew, Find a Grave website

528th - Waters, Donald S., Assistant Flight Engineer, Kunz's Crew (5), DOD February 1, 2005, Camillus, New York, reported by Dick Wood, Find a Grave website

528th - Wilkinson, James O., Radio Operator, Kunz's Crew (5), DOD 1976,, Wellfleet, Massachusetts, reported by Dick Wood, Find a Grave website

528th - Wolfhope, Roy James, Gunner, Tiffany's Crew, DOD March 27, 1987, Alexandria, Pennsylvania, reported originally by Bob Tiffany, and from Bill Brew, Find a Grave website

529th - McCurdy, Willard J., Photographer, Various Crews, Quartermaster Supply, Gunner, Technician, DOD May 9, 2010, Heath, Ohio, reported by his daughter, Cindy S. Kikeli

529th - Shaver, Charles H., Navigator, VanWormer's Crew (45), DOD March 8, 1997, Chesterfield, Virginia, reported by Steve Birdsall and Jeff Anderson

531st - Grunnet, Gene D., Flight Engineer, Magee's Crew (91), DOD May 21, 2005, Ocala, Florida, reported by Mary M. Williams

531st - Walford, Edward T., Navigator, Sears' Crew (85), DOD September 27, 2021, Colorado Springs, Colorado, reported by his daughters, Jenny Walford and Vicky Hulsey

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LAST HURRAH -- 2018 Reunion

The final last hurrah was held in Tucson, Arizona, November 1-4, 2018, at the Radisson Suites, 6555 E Speedway Blvd. No further annual reunions planned, although there's the possibility of having future reunions, but not on an annual basis (and certainly not until we get past this COVID-19 pandemic!!) - stay tuned!

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