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Note that there's currently no direct links to any individual's history with the 380th on our website, but you can get squadron rosters on our website (rosters by squadron) and from there (for aircrews) you can go to the aircraft commander table and follow the link to that crew. OR you can send email to 380th.ww2@gmail.com to request the crew rosters and any available mission lists (no mission lists are yet on the website).

Our newsletters contain many articles about individual crew members and crews, many with photographs. See: Newsletter links for listings of individuals as well as crews.

In addition, there are newsletters articles that offer information to assist members with researching their veterans. Please see our website at: 380th Bomb Group Association - NEWSLETTER QUICK LINKS to see these articles, as well as links to other sources (such as using Fold3 military records).


This list was compiled to assist in finding and obtaining World War II information and personal military records of WWII Veterans. 

Some sources are specific to a person, some to the 380th Bombardment Group, and some are provided just for background information. 

The WWII Radio Music and Programs list is for entertainment.

The web links all worked when the list was compiled, but links do sometimes change.  Please let us know if something no longer works and we will attempt to correct the information. Contact: 380th.ww2@gmail.com

Good luck in your search!

Veterans' Service Records Background/History Burial Information Forums WWII Radio Music & Programs

Veterans' Service Records

Source: Source Notes:

National Archives & Records

Archives Drive, St. Louis, MO 63138

Website: http://www.archives.gov/veterans/

On this site you can:

  • Request personnel military service/medical records online
  • Find out what's available online using military records
  • Learn how to replace lost or damaged medals and awards

Next of kin may request copies of the Vet's military records either online or in writing.

If you receive a reply that the requested records were destroyed in the 1973 fire at the Archives in St. Louis, DO NOT give up.  Re-submit your request(s) again, and again, if necessary

They have had a long, very successful, ongoing project to restore thousands of records previously thought completely destroyed or too damaged to retrieve.  There have been many instances where these “destroyed” records were found and provided after the 2nd or 3rd (or more) request.

VA National Cemetery Administration

Presidential Memorial Certificates:  http://www.cem.va.gov/cem/pmc.asp

Family & Friends

Personal information, copies of military documents, letters (including envelopes), photos, newspaper articles, stories. Potentially anywhere.

Home State or County Courthouse

Voluntary filing of military separation papers in courthouse of home county or sometimes state, especially useful if personnel file does not exist or does not contain separation document. Home county or state of soldier.


Newspaper articles on enlistments, injuries, medals and awards, etc. Some may have been UP or AP news service articles. Hometown newspapers and commercial sites for archived vintage newspapers. Some state historical sites may also have archived copies.

380th Bomb Group Association (WWII Veterans' Group)

Records of 380th Bomb Group Association. Includes personnel rosters, information on planes and declassified records. http://380th.org/

Online World War II Indexes and Records - USA

Genealogy Guide


Many other references are on this website, several of which are included in our list


Source: Source Notes:

380th Bomb Group Association (WWII Veterans' Group)

History Project:  We Went to War


CBI Order of Battle--Lineages and History

Informational site listing links for records requests/research

Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA)
600 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6424

The world's largest and most valuable organized collection of documents on US military aviation

Air Force History Index.org

How to obtain records from the Air Force Historical Records Agency (AFHRA)

B-24 Best Web

B-24 information website with photos by aircraft name, information, etc.

B-24 Liberator Identification Aid

Information on different B-24 models


Missing Aircrew Reports/Various Records & Reports: Large collection of military records/reports from various wars in history, including WWII and Missing Aircrew Reports. Note that some info is free, but some require fee-based membership.

Accident Reports
1322 West Main St
Millville NJ 08332

Military Aviation Incident Reports--Large collection of WWII aircraft accident reports—fee for services.

National WWII Memorial -- Washington DC
WWII Memorial Processing Center
P.O. Box 71
Holbrook NY 11741

Can post info and/or photo to honor a WWII Vet; posting info only is free, posting a photo requires a $10.00 fee.

Miles Pegs NT (website)
Darwin, Australia

Australian website with history and contributed vintage photos and letters of life on WWII RAAF and USAAF bases in Northern Australia (includes the 380th BG); photo/info contributions to the website are welcomed

Military Medal Display Recognitions—Air Force Order of Display/Wear

List/photos of Air Force medals, ribbons, and order of display. 

Aviation Wings and Badges of World War II

List/photos of USAAF insignia

Army Air Forces Collection—Historical Documents from World War II

Collection of manuals and information about Army Air Fields and training facilities, including pilot, navigator, bombardier, radio and gunnery schools -- free

Burial Information

Source: Source Notes:

Find a Grave

Varies, but may include location of headstone, photo of headstone and cemetery gate, obituary

National and State Military Cemeteries

Sites of persons buried in US military cemeteries

Nationwide Gravesite Locator

Military headstone applications.  Available online as part of the “Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963” database

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Brochure:  Research Guide for Headstone Records for U.S. Military Veterans Buried in Nonfederal Cemeteries, 1879-1985

Arlington National Cemetery

Information on applying for burial services at Arlington for vets, ex-military, or active military members (including spouses)

Newspapers, funeral homes, and sometimes cemeteries

Obituaries--Local sources or internet searches

Local Genealogy Library

Local cemetery listings, family histories already donated, military records of local veterans, potentially almost anything.  Also may offer computer access to fee-based services such as Ancestry.com, Fold3, and Newspapers.com.  Local libraries.


Source: Source Notes:

380th Bombardment Group

Facebook page


ArmyAirForces.com of World War II

Discussion forum of everything USAAF -- registration required to post on the forum (but free to post)

Aircraft of World War II-Warbird Forums

Discussion forum for WWII aircraft in general -- registration required to post on the forum (but free to post)

WWII Radio Music and Programs

Source: Source Notes:

VI Corp WWII Jukebox

Original recordings of WWII era songs and music—various artists—playable online—free

Old Radio World

Playable online. Free

Old Time Radio

Playable online. Free

The UK 1940s Radio Station

Playable online. Free

WWII Radio Broadcasts

Radio Programs: News, Entertainment--Playable online. Free

Old Time Radio Christmas

WW2 Radio Christmas Shows. Playable online. Free

List of Potential Donation Sites for WWII Memorabilia

Click here for the list

Disclaimer:   Websites listed above are given only as references - no endorsement should be implied for any sites listed.

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Last updated 10 May 2022; 15 May 2024