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Title Author Newsletter #
19th Bombardment Group, WWII Peter Dunn 75
1943 News Story: Dottie and Her Friends William Shek Jr. 33
1943 News Story: Mirror Man Flies on Daring Raid Jim Smyth, The Daily Mirror, Sydney 31, 40
1947 Inquiry Into 1943 Crash (McDowell Crew-531st) 75
2071st Quartermaster Truck Company John R. Cislaghi 64
375th Troop Carrier Group in Australia in WWII Barbara Gotham 71
380th Air Expeditionary Wing Matthew F. Coleman 73
380th Air Expeditionary Wing for the War on Terrorism Activation William P. Alexander 12
380th Air Expeditionary Wing Update Tracy L. English 15
380th Air Expeditionary Wing Update Paul R. Murphy 37
380th Air Expeditionary Wing Flightline Dining Facility Steven Heinlein 38
380th Air Expeditionary Wing Honors Original Group William Shek Jr., from 380th AEW 39
380th Air Expeditionary Wing: Inaugural Logistics Officer Association (named "The Flying Circus Chapter") David A. Loska 61
380th Aircraft Markings in World War II 380th Website / Glenn R. Horton & Gary L. Horton 67
380th "Blue Book" on fold3.com Barbara Gotham 71
380th Chaplains & follow-up article Glenn D. Rogers / Barbara Gotham 70, 71
380th Disney Emblem (531st Squadron) BEST IN THE SOUTHWEST 77
380th Commanders Barbara Gotham 72
380th Group Commanders & The Brass Barbara Gotham 73
380th Commemorative Brick, National WWII Museum, New Orleans Barbara Gotham 53
380th Histories (cover pages) 74
380th Medals and Decorations Ted Williams 31
380th Medals and Citations William Shek Jr. 51
380th Plaque - Utah Ted Williams 26
528th Early Days Memories 75
531st Patches are Sold Out Barbara Gotham 67
90th Bombardment Group (WWII) 73
A Childhood History Lesson Remembered;
Mission Logs of George Lim Poy
Rosalyn Lim Kin/George Lim Poy 43
A Dragon and His Tail Bill Stephens 15
"A Godforsaken Spot" Phillip Hoare 40
A Second Chance: WWII Tail Gunner Feels Called to Help Other Veterans - Dick Wood Solon Graham / Holly Zachariah, The Columbus Dispatch 66
A-2 Flight Jacket Story William E. Shek, Jr. 32
A-2 Flight Jacket Inquiry Don Summers 7
Aerospace History: The Acorn Days George Gerards, from North American Aviation Retirees Bulletin 39
Air Force Guillotine at Kingman, Arizona (1947) - Air Force Boneyards Bob Livingstone; Peter Stackpole, Life Magazine 21
Alley Oop Accident Bob Livingstone 45
American Battle Monuments Commission ABMC 68
American Veterans Ceremonial Urns Ralph Sword 66
An Australian Adventure Maurice ("Slim") Powers 48
Armament Section Staff Photos - 530th Squadron Ted Williams / Muril H. Moss / Barbara Gotham 74
Assistance for Former American POWs Richard Hayford 24
Aviation Accidents Archives: Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives; U.S. National Archives; Australian Transport Safety Bureau Barbara Gotham 75
Avoid COVID-19 Scams Medicare website 74
Bail-out Belle Steve Birdsall 71
Battle of the Philippine Sea - June 19-20, 1944 Jenny Ashcraft, fold3.com 71
Battle Starts on the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal Ted Williams 31
Benjamin Ralph Kimlau / Kimlau Square, NYC Ron Romanowicz & other sources 70
"Best in the Southwest" Book for Sale Martin Berkels 76
Big Ass Bird II Incident 18/19 March 1944 Stephen Hart / Glenn R. Horton Jr., BEST IN THE SOUTHWEST / Bob Livingstone 69, 70, 71
Blazing Bombardier with His 30 Cal. Machine Gun Bill Bever 20
Blind Pilots Club Steve Conway 35
B-24 Designation Explanation Barbara Gotham 76
B-24 Exterior, Interior Photos William Shek Jr. 50
B-24 Heavy Bomber Crew Registry Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum 3, 6
B-24 Memorial, San Diego George Welsh 14
B-24 Memorial, San Diego George Welsh 17
B-24 Memorial, San Diego Ted Williams 19
B-24 Model of "Carrot Top" Irving C. "Pappy" Rowe 16
B-24 Plaque Unveiled by Alice Craig - 14 August 2011 Fact Not Fiction Films 48
B-24 Production Wikipedia.org 62
B-24s - Surviving Liberators Barbara Gotham 76
B-24s - Types of Models Used in the Southwest Pacific Ted Williams 76
B-24 USAAF Maintenance Training Films Now Available on DVD Dave Klaus 54
B-24 WITCHCRAFT (Collings Foundation) Barbara Gotham 62
B-24D-15-CO, 41-24044 (5th AF, 90th BG, 400th BS) Pacific Wrecks 73
B-25D-10, 41-30222, HAWG MOUTH Stanley Patterson 77
Bob Livingstone B24 Bestweb 68
Bomber Drops Liquor & Eggs on Adelaide National Library of Australia news articles 74
Bombing of Darwin (80th Anniversary) Bob Livingstone 74
Bombs Over Balikpapan-1943" (Artwork by Gene Lysaker) Barbara Gotham 77
Bulletin No 1, 12 Sept 1945 Paul Tedesco 58
Cartoon from B-24-D Manual Russ Wilsey 31
Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the End of WWII Jenny Ashcraft/Fold3/Ancestry 70
Chinese Airman Recalls Wartime Sharon Longman, The Oakland Press (Michigan) 74
Chinese-American World War II Veteran Congressional Gold Medal Act Barbara Gotham 74
Congratulatory Message from the Secretary of War, 4 Sept 1945 Paul H. Tedesco 58
Connection Between "Unbroken" and the 380th Glenn Horton 56
Cook Out Aussie Style-Fenton Field Stanley Patterson 77
Corunna Downs Airbase Photo Inquiry Ian Duggan 70
Creating Memories Dave Peck 30
Crew 713 - WWII/B-24 Documentary Shanty Films LLC 68
Darwin Aviation Museum   77
Darwin Military Museum Plaques Robert Peterson 77
Darwin Bombing Website/Miles Peg NT Website Clinton Bock 55, 57
Diamond Lil Newsletter (2015 Dallas Reunion) Commemorative Air Force 60
Donating to the National Museum of the Air Force Museum website 63
Dream Time: 12 installments over Issues 27-43; go to Dream Time to see links to all installments Roger Caputo 27 - 43
DRUNKARD'S DREAM, B-24J-135-CO, 42-110115 Barbara Gotham 76
Eisenhower Regional Recreation Center, The Villages Barbara Gotham 77
FOIL PROOF MARY - Forced Landing of B-24J Liberator on Croker Island, 5 February 1944 Peter Dunn, Bryan Macdonald 75
Fold3 Todd Brewer / Jenny Ashcraft 64, 70
Echoes Over the Pacific Craig Bellamy 18
Everything B-24 - Bob Livingstone's Website B-24 Weebly 68
Facebook Discussion Group Pages Barbara Gotham 76
Fact Not Fiction Films Tristan Loraine 74
Fenton Field Hospitals Query / Follow-Up Kenneth Heyman / Doug Tilley / Craig Bellamy 69, 70
Forced Landing in the Outback Arvid ("Ollie") Olson 36
Frank Chulay's Log (528th) Frank Chulay 72
Fred "Windmill" Miller (530th) Barbara Gotham from various sources 72
Fun Facts: Veterans Day (US), Remembrance Day (Australia), Anzac Day (New Zealand), and about the New Zealand and Australian Flags Wikipedia / New Zealand Government Website 68
Going Home 76
Golden Arrow Military Research Geoff Gentilini 54
Green Ant Creek John Lakey / Bob Alford 70
Herky's Hangout / Dick Ebberson Art Bill Shek 44
Hidden Treasures - Robert K. Oswald Jolie Berrier 66
History Investigation of 380th B-24 Hangars at Darwin Shane Parks 67
Ho Hum Milk Run Yank Down Under 36
Honorary Chaplain: Glenn Rogers Ted Williams 21
Hopi Code Talker in the 380th Eugene "Geno" Talas 48, 49
Hopi Code Talker Day: April 23, 2012 Eugene "Geno" Talas 50
Hopi Code Talker News: April 2014 Event The Hopi Tribe website 55
Hopi Code Talker News: April 2015 Event Eugene "Geno" Talas 57
Hopi Code Talker News: April 2016 Event Barbara Gotham 60
Hopi Code Talker News: April 2019 Event Eugene "Geno" Talas 66
Hopi Code Talker News: April 23, 2019 Event
Honoring Rex Pooyouma
Barbara Gotham 67
Hopi Code Talkers Event Cancelled: 2020 Eugene "Geno" Talas 69
Hopi Code Talkers Event: 2022 Update Eugene "Geno" Talas 75
Hopi Code Talker News: Congressional Gold Medals Eugene "Geno" Talas / Bill Shek 54, 66
Interview Request Samuel Hui 66
Japanese Americans in World War II Barbara Gotham from various websources 72
Japanese L2D Transport Intercepted by "Juarez Whistle" Wenyang Lee 61, 74
Japanese Transport Plane Shot down by 530th Squadron ("They Never Got There") Barbara Gotham 74
Landing Strip at Morotai photograph Adam Gillespie/Jane Hutton 71
Last Flight of the "Lady Jeanne II" Lynn Rogers, Clifton R. Toepperwein and Bill Bever 27
Last 380th Combat Mission Against Japan Dick Wood, Robert Withorn 73
Letters Home: Raymond K. Benedict Norma Lamicella 65
LIBERTY BELLE, 44-50894 Barbara Gotham 76
Liberty Ships 75
Lincoln Shutt Exhibit at MAPS Air Museum Military Aviation Preservation Society (MAPS) Museum, Ohio 60
Lone B-24 Delivers Its Rain of Terror Bill Bever 28
Long Ago and Far Away Bill Bever 34
Machines Craig Hutchison 68
Medals: Order of Precedence; Air Force Awards & Decorations; U.S. Army Ribbons; Army Unit Awards Wikipedia / William Shek, Jr. 69
Memories Keith M. Baker 42
Memories from 528th Early Days 75
Memorium - Thomas M. Hunt Barbara Gotham 37, 38
Memorium - Helen Thompson Barbara Gotham 35
Memorium - Theodore J. Williams Theodore J. Williams, Jr. 53
Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University Barbara Gotham 50
Miniature FB-111A Chris McWilliams 25
Missing Air Crew Reports (MACR) - WWII Craig R. Scott, fold3.com 71
Mission Photos William Shek Jr. 36
My Journey Home John H. Miller, as told to Bill Bever 22
Mystery Drums at Fenton Field Doug Tilley, William Shek 37, 40, 42
National Archives Veterans' Records - website info update 76
National Personnel Records Center William Shek Jr., Barbara Gotham 48, 73
National WWII Museum, New Orleans Barbara Gotham 49, 57, 77
National WWII Registry of Remembrances National WWII Memorial 38
Navajo Code Joe Burdick 55
Never-Never The Flying Circus "Blue Book" 67
Northern Territory Library (Australia): Military Units in the Northern Territory, 1939-1945 Northern Territory Library 71
Officials Identify Airmen listed as MIA Rosalyn Kin/Joe Chan 43
Ohio Veteran Survived Fiery B-24 Crash in WWII Ron Simon 55
Old Enemies Become Friends in Suye Mura, Japan Richard Dakeyne 50
Olympic Medalist - Farid Simaika (530th Squadron) Michael Oman, Barbara Gotham 77
Once upon a time ... 380th Intelligence Section booklet (1944) 58
Operation Inherent Resolve Flag Barbara Gotham 74
Orderly Room Photos (530th Squadron) Stanley Patterson 77
Origin of "TAPS" Arlington Cemetery 42, 67
Our Amazing Trip to Fenton William E. Shek, Jr. 26
Oz@War Website: 380th Crashes in Australia Peter Dunn OAM 75
Paintings by Bob McRae William Shek Jr. 45
Parachute Tests (Statichute Tests), Mt Bundy Station, Australia Doug Tilley 51
Photo Tribute to Ted Williams' Service to the 380th Barbara Gotham 53
Plane Talk Magazines Jan Campbell-Balch 54
Plattsburgh AFB Museum, September 1986 Glenn Rogers 71
Posting on the 380th's Facebook Group Pages Barbara Gotham 68
Potential Donation Sites for WWII Memorabilia Barbara Gotham 65
Presentation of the Golden Eagle Award to Ted Willliams, April 12, 2013 Barbara Gotham 53
Presidential Citation Presented to Alice Craig Fact Not Fiction Films 48
Prisoners of War Fain et al., THE FLYING CIRCUS "Blue" Book, 1946 51
Protecting Yourself From Scams US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) 71
Real ID Act Department of Homeland Security 65
Real ID Act - Extension of Deadline Department of Homeland Security/TSA 70
Recollections Ralph Henderson 20
Remembering Every Fallen 380th Veteran - Stories Behind the Stars Project Don Milne 75
Reporting TAPS (How to) Barbara Gotham 76
Request for Donation of B-24 Model Phil Agnew 64
Rest of the Story, The William Brew 76
Research Resources Barbara Gotham 57
Returned Newsletters Barbara Gotham 70
Reunion Sites Barbara Gotham 62
Reunions - Then and Now Barbara Gotham 65
Rivalry Trumped by Love (Jim & Sara Bejoian) Peter DeMarco, Boston Globe 41
Rocky Creek Memorial Park, North Queensland John Lakey 71
Salvage Operations in the Never-Never William Shek Jr. 61
Shady Lady Documentary: See also the Shady Lady web link Fact Not Fiction Films 45, 47, 48, 49, 50, 58, 72
Shady Lady Documentary, Nantucket Premier Nantucket Flying Association 52
Shady Lady Incident Inquiry Frederick D. Upcraft 67
"Short Snorters" William Shek Jr. 77
Silkmap Norma Lamicella 51
South West Pacific Area Command (SWPA) Wikipedia 70
Special Commemorative Reunion Patch Barbara Gotham 65, 66
State Library New South Wales - Digital Collection Bob Livingstone 73
Stories Behind the Stars Project Don Milne 75
Student Helping Keep Memory of WWII Alive for Future Generations Michael Naya Jr. 68
Surviving B-24s Barbara Gotham 76
Target: Formosa George Lim (G.) Poy 33
Thank You All! The Association is NOT ending Barbara Gotham 66
"That Red Cross Dame" Again Muriel Patchen / Mary Ellen Yates Olson 59
The Golden Goose (B-24D, 42-40521) Barbara Gotham 49
The McFerren Story Wm. A. Boas 59
The Melting Pot Jim Fain 67
The Miss Hap - Fred Carlage & Carmine Imondi Bill Imondi 60
"The Old Airfield" Doug Tilley 38
The Territory Remembers - 75 Years William Shek Jr. 76
Thinking of Publishing Memoirs? Barbara Gotham 76
TOUGHY - B24-D-65-CO, 42-40525 380th Website and b24bestweb.com 75
Training Can Be Dangerous William D. Bever 30
Trimble Crew Accident, 22 May 1945 Horton / Best in the Southwest 68
Two Boys from Elgin Meet at Fenton Field Irving "Pappy" Rowe 48
United Service Organizations (USO) in WWII 75
US Air Force Celebrates 75 Years Jenny Ashcraft, fold3.com 76
US Air Force Memorial Ted Williams 27
U.S. Army Transport Ship "Maui" 75
Veterans Forum 74
Veteran's History Project: Edwards Henry Jennifer Martin 54
Veteran's History Project Library of Congress website 73
War Memories: God Provides Bill Bever 24
War Memories: Zeroes and Heroes of WWII - Father Sanz Virgil Stevens, Richard Overhue, from THE WESTERN AUSTRALIAN 11
War Stories "Doc" William S. Butts 15
Wendover Ted Williams 12
What's the Origin of "Herky the Clown," 528th Mascot? Keith Herkalo 53
When Adelaide Was Bombed by Oranges Bill Bever 34, 36
Why Did They Scrap So Many of the B-24s After WWII? William Shek Jr. 77
Why the 530th and 531st Patches are no Longer Available Barbara Gotham 75
Willow Run Barbara Gotham 76
Wings of Freedom Tour - Collings Foundation Don Daniels 14
Words of Encouragement Barbara Gotham 69
World War II Memorials, Pt 1 Jim Cavallero 10
World War II Memorials, Pt 2 Barb Gotham 10

World War II Preservation Trust in Groton MA

Barbara Gotham 55
WWII Posters Various sources 39, 44, 47
YANK, The Army Weekly / "YANK DOWN UNDER" Articles Barbara Gotham/Joyce MacDonald 74
Yankee Air Museum, Detroit, Michigan Barbara Gotham 63, 76
Z Special Unit (Clandestine Operations) Tony Turner 48, 49

(Alphabetical by Last Name)

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Crew Name (Crew #) Squadron Newsletter #
Adams (12) 528th 72
Allen (None Listed=NL) 531st 41
Baker (4) 528th 36
Banks (3) 528th 42
Bates (89) 531st 75
Benson (116) 531st 33
Bevers (52) 530th 41
Blum (91) 531st 34, 43
Boyd (76) 531st 69
Bratton (21) 530th 56
Breece (NL) 528th 51
Bruce (NL) 528th 72
Capone (NL) 530th 42
Carmichael (40) 529th 34
Chulay (NL) 528th 72
Cook (112) 531st 33
Corpening (27) 530th 56
Daffer (27) 529th 60
DiDomenico (4) 528th 28
Dunseth (10) 528th 36, 64
Finlayson (82) RAAF/531st 34
Fowler (96) 531st 65
Gardner (78) 530th 39
Gillespie (94) RAAF/531st 69, 71
Grenfel (2) 528th 72
Grover (79) 531st 55
Herbst (10) 528th 56
Horn (75) 530th 60, 64
Ivey (40) 529th 60
Kay (113) 531st 73
Kilbury (98) 531st 45
Kimlau (67) 530th 70
Koller (NL) 531st 31
Kroes (56) 529th 35
Kunz (5) 528th 73
Lippincott (22) 530th 77
Loudon (53) 530th 30
Lutsey (87) 530th 73
Magee (91) 531st 53
Martens (16) 528th 69
McDowell (10) 531st 75
Miller (20) RAAF/528th 71
Moody (93) 531st 74
Moran (7) 528th 42
Ortman (24) 528th 24
Parsons (82) RAAF/531st 70
Perry (NL) 531st 70
Petre (67) 530th 58, 69
Quinn (57) 530th 69
Riehle (53) 530th 56
Roberts (61) 530th 77
Sears (85) 531st 34
Selman (NL) 529th 36
Shek (7) 528th 33
Sinnott (NL) 529th 40
Smolek (111) 531st 34
Spencer (16) 528th 36
Sullivan (15) 528th 72
Thornton (19) 529th 55, 72
Tiffany (NL) 528th 73
Trafton (108) 5231st 40
Wells (37) 529th 55
Wilson (102) 531st 45
Armor Personnel 530th 29, 30
Crew 24 529th 11
Photo Lab Group 39
Squadron Photo (on top of B-24) 529th 41
Intelligence Section Group Group 58
Informal photo of part of the Field Unit 6 Group 61
Miscellaneous Crew Photos (collages) 528th 64

(Alphabetical by Last Name)

Lastname Firstname Initial Squadron Newsletter #
Agnew Phillip G. RAAF/528th/529th 64
Allen Eugene H. 531st 75
Anderson Eugene C. 529th 51
Andrews Albert L. 529th 72
Andrisek Ewald   528th 56
Badger Neil Thomson RAAF/528th 48
Baker Keith M. 530th 42
Banks Jack R. 528th 35
Banos James 531st 74
Barton Fred A. 531st 43
Bauguss Claude W. Group/528th 28
Bejoian James   529th 41
Benedict Raymond K. 531st 65
Benton James Parker 530th 3
Bever Everett D. 528th 28, 30
Bevers Aaron Paul 530th 45
Bjorklund Charles L. 530th 77
Boatwright Carroll W. 531st 34
Borgstrom Carl L. 529th 35
Bradley William S. 531st 56
Brake Edwin "Boots" 529th 39, 41
Brew William D. 528th 73
Brissey, Jr. Forrest Lee Group/531st 50, 72
Burdi Carlo J. 531st 34
Burkhart Houston S. 528th 57
Calhoun John C. 528th 40
Campbell, Jr. David C. 530th 43
Caputo Roger W. Group/531st 27-43: Dream Time, 45
Carlage Fred G. 529th 44, 50, 60
Carmichael Charles C. 529th 66
Carroll Anthony G. Group 70
Casas Julian L. Group 44
Casselberry William W. 528th 38, 44
Castillo Ralph   530th 58
Cernick Louis (Luke)   531st 46
Chamberlain Edgar C(urt) 528th 43
Chernes Frederick T. 531st 57
Chulay Frank J. 528th 62, 72
Clapsaddle Harold D. 528th 48
Clapinson Henry William RAAF/528th 47
Clemow Robert Frederick ("Fred") 531st 53
Colie, Jr. Ray W. 531st/Group 44, 45
Conover John E. 528th 72
Connery, Jr. Augustus ("Gus") V. 530th/Group 50, 61
Conrad Basil Werner 528th 37
Conway Francis Richard 529th 34, 36
Cooper Thomas E. 528th 51
Cordell Robert E. 529th 33, 39, 50
Corpening, Jr. Clarence Conrad 530th 56
Couch William K. 529th/531st 34
Cox Gayle S. Group 72
Crabtree Edwin L. RAAF/530th 55, 66, 68
Cross Charles R. 531st 75
Cutt John A. 530th 65, 68
Dakeyne Richard B. RAAF 528th/530th 50, 55
Dardis Ronald A. 531st 75
Daugherty Mark G. 531st 43
Deller Frank C. 530th 73
Dias Herman J. 529th 31
DiNardo Anthony ("Tony") 531st 74
DiPierro Louis J. 529th 67
Dixon Clifford Eldon 530th 52
Donaldson William T. 528th 63
Doornbos Philip O. 530th 40, 52
Doyle Harry H. 530th 77
Ebbeson Richard A. 528th 31
Eisenhard Horace Paul 531st 34
Eriksen Clyde L. 528th 43
Fain, Jr. James E. 529th/Group 67
Finch, Jr. Ralph J. Group 31, 58
Feltman Richard H. 529th 55
Flint Leland   528th 39
Finch Ralph J. Group 58
Fontana Floyd J. 531st 66
Ford William James RAAF/529th 72
French Charles W. 531st 49
Friedlander Marcus I. 531st 75
Gardner Marvin E. 530th 52, 55
Garrett James E. 530th 46
George Walter S. 529th 67
Gill, Jr. Author H. 529th 56
Gillespie Adam F. RAAF/531st 71
Gladstone Roland A. 528th 49
Goga Alberth "Tom" 528th 39, 42
Gonzales David D. 530th 46
Graham Solon L. 528th 66
Gramblet Howard M. 529th 36
Greba Raymond Kenneth 530th 60
Gregory Arthur J. 529th 66
Greuel Ervin L. 528th 43
Gronkowski Leonard B. 530th 44, 55
Gross Richard L. 528th 64
Hagen Harry P. 528th 24
Halner Stephen F. 530th 56
Handorf Archibald E. 530th 52
Havner Robert S. 530th 54
Hawthorne J D ("Buddy") Frank 529th 72
Hawkesford Alan   RAAF/528th 48
Hebner Paul C. 530th 39, 54
Heet Donald G. Group/530th 38
Henderson Ralph A. 529th/530th 20
Henschke John M. Group 72
Henry Edwards C. 528th 54
Heyman Kenneth R. 529th 1
Hill Thayne Kershaw 528th 49
Holt, Jr. James Carl 528th 53
Howell Ernest M. 530th 55, 57
Hughes William C. 531st 39
Hunt Thomas M. 531st 37, 38
Hutchison Donald M. 530th 68
Imondi Carmine Henry 529th 60
Ingram, Jr. Walter S. 528th 49
Irving Frederick J. 530th 52
Jack Donald I. 531st 33
Jackson John W. 531st 32
Jaeschke Edmund E. 530th 63
Johnson Wallace R. 530th 52
Johnston Francis ("Johnny") R. 531st 5
Jones Charles Graham RAAF/529th 69
Kahn William F. 531st 75
Kallstrom Clyde E. 531st 75
Kapuscinski Chester A. 528th 47
Katrincsak John A. 528th 43
Kay John W. 531st 73
Kelly John W. 531st 70
Kern Marvin R. 528th 34
Kimlau Benjamin Ralph 530th 70
Kokes Emanuel R. 528th 59
Kunz Robert H. 530th 34
Lakey Percival Keith RAAF/528th 52
LaLena Peter P. 529th 54
Langston Maurice F. 529th 46
Lanners, Jr. Louis N. 529th 34
Leaska George N. 530th 50
Lee William H. Group 41, 58
Leger Herbert J. Group 70
Lehning Thomas H. 529th/Group 60
Liberatore Anthony   528th 52
Lippincott David A. 530th 77
Loop Robert H. 531st 60
Lysaker Gene C. 530th 77
Maguire George ("Paddy") Henry RAAF/530th 30
Markowitz Milton   528th 48
Markstrom Leonard F. 529th 32
Martinez Conrado H. 530th 10, 14
McCallum Colin   RAAF/528th 71, 76
McCurdy Willard J. 529th 73
McDermott James J. 530th 77
McDonald Edward ("Buddy") Grady 528th 2, 36
McFerren, Jr. William   530th/531st 59
Meehan Joseph Martin Group 59, 60
Meyers Waldo W. 528th 38, 45
Meyerson Bernard ("Yorkie") B. 530th 41, 46
Miller Fred W. 530th 72
Miller William A. Group 72
Miller, Jr. John H. 528th 22
Millikin Samuel Thomas 529th 38, 43
Mitchell Charles W. 531st 35, 77
Morales Victor G. 531st 55
Moran Wilford E. 528th 43
Morris Wilbur L. 530th 38
Mullen Donald J. 528th 18
Moore Richard B. 530th 52
Moore Wayne H. 530th 77
Mullen Donald J. 528th 18, 75
Murphy Daniel S. 531st 75
Nakarado Arthur E. 529th 61
Natale Victor V. 528th 43
Neshkoff Daniel E. 530th 46
Netter John C. 528th 31
Olson Arvid J. 528th 29, 43
Oman Ralph W. 530th 73, 77
Ostrander Philip   528th 71
Oswald Robert K. 529th 66
Page Wilson E. 530th 34
Painter George V. 528th 18, 75
Mullen Donald J. 528th 75
Parker Benjamin D. 531st 40
Parrott, Jr. Charles A. 531st 44
Parry-Okeden Charles David RAAF/531st 18
Parsons Cecil ("Boz") Edgar R. RAAF/531st 50, 70
Patterson Eddie L. 530th 77
Peachey Robert E. 530th 68
Peck Franklin L. 531st 30
Pennington Edward J. 528th 50
Piantedosi Mario S. 531st/Group 56
Plassman William H. 530th 18
Pooyouma Rex   Group 67
Porter John M. 528th 33
Powell Alvin D. 531st 55
Powers Maurice ("Slim") V. (Shady Lady) 528th 35
Poy George Lim 531st 33, 43, 74
Rader John V. 528th 18
Radius Egbert H. 529th 36
Reetz Warren W. 531st 70
Roark Harry McCullar Group 70
Rowe Irving ("Pappy") C. 528th 48, 71
Roberts, Jr. Jack   530th 77
Russell Charles H. 530th 44
Schaefer Marvin   529th 68, 77
Schell Eugene O. 530th 63
Schiff, Jr. William G. Group 38
Schow Richard W. 529th 38
Seale Francis M. 531st/Group 43
See, Jr. Francis V. 529th 54
Shapiro Seymour   529th 45
Shashaguay Bernard   531st 50
Shaver Charles H. 529th 73
Shaw Phillip A. 528th 73
Shelley Gilman F. 531st 75
Shepardson Richard F. 528th 72
Shek William   528th 26
Shutt Lincoln W. 529th 60
Sieber David A. 531st 35
Silver Edward   529th 44
Simaika Farid   530th 77
Simon Michael E. 530th/531st 45
Smith Guy B. 529th 31
Snyder James R. 530th/Group 55
Stadler Eugene B. 530th 52
Stevenson Walter T. 530th 30
Stoddard Daniel E. 531st 66, 70
Stokes William H. 529th 66
Sullivan James T. 528th 72
Suwalski Thaddeus F. 531st 48
Swallow George N. 530th/528th 56
Swan Loyd E. 530th 77
Sword James L. 528th 58
Tate David A. Group 72
Thompson Forrest ("Tommy") E. 530th 38, 77
Trewin Sydney W. RAAF/531st 27
Toepperwein Clifton R. 529th 27
Trent B. C. Group 70
Walford Edward T. 531st 28, 57, 73
Walters Robert E. 531st 47
Warren James H. 528th 30
Wassinger Lavern ("Buck") V. Group/528th 48
Wells Joseph H. 531st 77
Westlund, Jr. Edward A. 531st 50
Williams Benjamin H. 529th 66
Williams Theodore J. 531st 53, 77
Withorn Robert E. 531st 73
Wilson Jerry Eugene 530th/Group 55
Wood Richard   528th 66
Woolley Clayton K. 528th 32
Wozniak Leonard J. 531st 75
Wright, Jr. James C. 530th 56, 58
Photos of Unknown 380th Men     Various 44, 48


Subject Newsletter #
A Phoenix Arises: Program of Service Dedication of B-24 Liberator A72-176, Werribee, Victoria 4
Antonio Cafarella (RAAF) 23, 39
Australian B-24 Memorial Restoration Project 2, 3, 43, 47
B-24 Liberator Memorial Restoration Fund 11
B-24 Liberator Memorial Restoration Fund: 5th AF Plaque Donated to 380th 55
B-24 Liberator Memorial Restoration Fund: Memorial Pavers 56
B-24 Liberator Memorial Restoration Fund: Restoration Hangar 54
B-24 Liberator Memorial Australia: Honouring the RAAF WW2 B-24 Liberator Legacy 57
B-24 Liberator Squadrons of Australia 27
Caversham Facility; Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 43
Crocker Island, NT 75
Darwin Aviation Museum 77
Darwin Military Museum Plaques 77
Establishment of the B-24 Liberator Memorial Museum at Werribee 15
Fenton Airfield Status by Jon Joubert 5
Fenton Airfield Status by Doug Tilley 54
Fenton Plaque, 1988, from Dave Sieber 38
Folded Wings (TAPS - RAAF) 29
Milady Memorial 14, 53
70 Year "MILADY" Anniversary Event, April 25, 2015 58
National Archives of Australia, from Andrew Bock 41
Nothing Sacred Crash Site 48
Photos and Letters from Down Under, from David Raymond, American Legion Post AU01, Sydney 63
POOCHIE remains, Crocker Island 58
RAAF Association (Western Australia Branch) B-24 Liberator Annual Reunion 1999 2
RAAF Hangar Photos from Dave Sieber 31
Researching Western Australian WWII Air Force Bases, by Brigg Ranford 46
Radar Countermeasures Development in Australia: A Case Study of Multinational Co-Operation in WWII, by Craig Bellamy 61, 62, 63, 64
Researching WWII Air Force Bases in Australia, by Ian Bullpitt 50
Russ Brooks (RAAF) 38
State Library New South Wales - Digital Collection 73
Swallow Your Fear by Scott Cargill 4
Territory Remembers: 75th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin (2017) by Clinton Bock 60
The Territory Remembers: 75 Years 76
War Relics Forum 44, 45
Letter to Aviation Historical Society of the NT; B-24 Restoration Project; August 15, 2000, ceremony invitation 1

LINKS TO BOOK ARTICLES (Alphabetical by Book Title)

Title Author Newsletter #
A Fine Man and a Good Soldier: Houston S. Burkhart Martha Burkhart Collins 57
A Legacy of Letters: One Soldier's Journey Clint Frederick 29
A Town Called Onslow Antonio Cafarella 2
Black Swans Over Java Ian Duggan 73
Corunna Downs: The Invisible Airfield, WW2 Air Field Antonio Cafarella 1, 45
Finding Billy: An Internet Odyssey Diana Thompson Dale 16
G'Day Mate / 'Ave Ya 'Erd This one? MKII Antonio Cafarella 25
Good Fortune Flew with Me John Carroll & Ethan Krok 32
Letters to Home During World War II: A Son's Journey Edward T. Walford 57
My Broome Antonio Cafarella 2
My Very Dearest Anna Kara Martinelli 52
Radar Gunner Dick Dakeyne 57, 64
Tales from Corruna Downs Antonio Cafarella 15
The All-American Crew (Jolly Rogers Novel) Russell N. Low 73, 75
Thesis Survey: World War II and Remembrance Ralph DiCarpio 34
Unbroken Laura Hillenbrand 45
Under the Wire William Ash and Brendan Foley 25


Year Event / Location Newsletter #
2000 Reunion, San Antonio, Texas 5
2001 380th Plaque Rededication Ceremony, Colorado Springs, Colorado 8
2001 Reunion, Dayton, Ohio 9
2002 Reunion, Salt Lake City, Utah 13
2003 Reunion, Williamsburg, Virginia 17
2004 WWII Memorial Dedication, Washington, DC 19
2004 Reunion, Boston, Massachusetts 21
2005 Reunion, San Diego, California 25
2006 380th Plaque Dedication Ceremony, Hill AFB, Ogden, Utah 27, 28, 29
2006 Reunion, Washington DC 29
2007 Reunion, Dayton, Ohio 32
2008 Reunion, Tucson, Arizona 37
2009 Reunion, Savannah, Georgia 41
2010 Reunion, Branson, Missouri 45
2011 Reunion, Colorado Springs, Colorado 48
2012 Reunion, New Orleans, Louisiana 52
2013 Reunion, Seattle, Washington 54
2014 Reunion, Norfolk, Virginia 57
2015 Reunion, Dallas, Texas 59
2016 Reunion, Albuquerque, New Mexico 62
2017 Reunion, Dayton, Ohio 64
2018 Reunion, Tucson, Arizona 66


Title Newsletter #
Part V Status Report 2
Parts V and VI Status Report 6
Parts V, VI, and VII Status Report 8
Status of Aircraft Project 9
Status of Aircraft Project 10
Short History of the 380th in Australia 15
Part X, Background of Our Service, Why We Were in the Southwest Pacific Area 18
Project Update 20
Philippines Campaign, Part I 21
Philippines Campaign, Part II 22
The Luzon Plan 23
Early Replacement Crews' Missions 24
Our Opposition 26
Our Opposition: Japanese Anti-Aircraft & Fighter Units 68
Project Update 57
Website Updates - Aircraft Name Changes 72
Website Updates - 42-40514, LUCKY - B-24D-65-CO 74
Website Updates - 44-40189 - EMBARRASSED - B-24J-150-CO 74
Website Updates - 42-40683 - (Unnamed in 380th) (COLOSSAL FOSSIL in 43rd BG) - B-24D-90-CO 75
Website Updates - 42-110115 - DRUNKARD'S DREAM - B-24J-135-CO 76

Suggested Newsletter Features:

"Featured Crew" - Please provide a photo of your crew (air crew or ground crew) along with names of those pictured. When space permits, more than one crew can be featured per issue.

"Photo Gallery" - A suggestion has been made for an ongoing photo gallery, where the vets or family members could submit WWII photos from their collections to be published in each issue. Please send in your photos!

"Then and Now" - It is always interesting to see photos of people "then" (in our case, during the war) and how they look now!  Send in your photos!

"380th Veterans Bios" - If you have a short story (or even a longer one that can be used in several issues) about one of the 380th veterans, please submit your story to Barbara Gotham at the address below, or send an email (listed below).

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